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Control Access to Your Data with Advanced Face Recognition Applications

Similar to fingerprint or eye recognition technologies, face recognition technology is an important tenet of machine learning that recognizes individuals by capturing their facial snapshots using an application or software system. In this advanced technological era, myriads of face recognition systems are being used to facilitate several industries, organizations, and individual clients with a high-end security system. Over the years, technology has set up new benchmarks in this digital era by inventing excellent applications, software systems, and machines. Protecting the privacy and managing the integrity of the system are the major concerns of every organization or individual clients. To prevent fake operations and unauthorized access, most of the companies, organizations, and industries are moving forward to implement the face detection technology for approving access. Using a face recognition application is a great way to establish lock/unlock security and preventing unauthorized access to your personal data in a technologically smart way.

As a top-notch face recognition app developer, we are committed to delivering state-of-the-art face recognition applications that come with a plethora of amazing features such as face recognition, face identification, face analysis, face detection, eye tracking, face and head tracking. Over the years, we have served various industries ranging from small start-ups to renowned multinational companies. We employ a perfect mélange of research, knowledge and expertise combined with bespoke app development services to provide our clients with the best-fit applications for their business purposes. We pride ourselves in delivering the most effective, superior-quality and user-friendly face applications to attain the highest level of satisfaction from our clients.

Build Face Recognition Apps Laden with Amazing Features

Our experts are the masters in developing feature-rich face recognition apps with superior security features to enhance your security paradigm.

Accurate User Authentication

Our technologically smart face recognition system captures apparent facial snapshots, detects faces at superior detection rate, and reverts highly authentic results to facilitate accurate face identification.

3D Face Recognition and Tracking

Unlike the traditional 2D face recognition systems, 3D face recognition delivers more accurate results to ensure high-end security and privacy. We develop highly consistent and feature-powered face recognition apps for our clients.

Superior Technology

We offer highly effective and consistent face recognition solutions to enhance your security paradigm by preventing fraudulent and unauthorized access.

Intelligent and Fast Face Scanning

The biometric technology performs smart and fast scanning and recognition of faces using watch lists in several live video streams. We build apps that deliver swift, smart and highly authoritative face scan results with the blink of an eye.

Face Features

Our unmatched facial recognition applications facilitate face analysis based on facial images. This enables you to easily uncover various face attributes such as age, gender, emotions, smile intensity, and more. With us, you will be assured of spectacular matching performance.

Iris Detection

This hi-tech biometric identification technology analyzes the video images of either one or both of the irises of an individual’s eyes by employing distinctive face recognition techniques.

Multi-angle Face Scanning

Our high-end facial recognition app analyzes a wide range of angles and key spots while processing face recognition. It also supports a wide array of facial expressions and poses with superlative accuracy.

Easy integration

Our face recognition application is easy to install and setup on your device with minimal disruption. This application permits easy integration, in line with the existing programs on your device.

How Our Face Recognition Application Works

Our highly-secured facial recognition application works on the face perception principle, where it detects and intercepts the face with the images already stored in the database. If both the samples match, it results in face authentication success.



Initially, the system captures some image samples from different angles and stores them in its database for future identification purposes.



It extracts unique identifiable information from the behavioral or physical sample and generates a new template.



The face recognition app compares the new provided sample with the already existing database template.



If both the existing template and newly passed template match accurately with each other, the face verification is succeeded, else denied.

Make it IMPOSSIBLE for Strangers to Access Your Data
or Sensitive Area through Mobile Face Recognition

Discover the Amazing Uses of a Facial Recognition Application

Leverage the potentials of our face recognition solutions to augment your business reality ad security.

Prevent Retail Crime

Prevent Retail Crime

Face recognition technology enables you to identify when known shoplifters, retail criminals and people with other criminal records enter retail companies.

Lock/Unlock Smartphones

Lock/Unlock Smartphones

A wide range of smart devices come with face recognition feature to lock or unlock phones. This ensures the protection of personal information in case your phone is stolen or lost.

Smart Advertising

Smart Advertising

Face recognition enables smart and targeted advertising by making intelligent guesses about a person’s age, and gender.

A Boon for the Blind

A Boon for the Blind

It is advantageous for the blind people as it can smartly recognize when the person is smiling and notify him/her with a vibration. This facilitates understanding of social situations.

Find the Missing Ones

Find the Missing Ones

As long as missing people are stored in a database, face recognition helps the law enforcement to find the missing children and victims of human trafficking by alerting them as soon as the system detects the missing person.

Facilitate Secure Transactions

Facilitate Secure Transactions

Using face recognition as a payment option enables customers to pay by scanning their faces. This ensures a high level of secure transactions.



Using face recognition systems in casinos helps identify cheaters or gamblers, the moment they enter the establishment.

Dating Sites

Dating Sites

Several dating sites are also leveraging the potentials of the face recognition system to match people with the same facial attributes.

Identify Social Media Connections

Identify Social Media Connections

Some of the giant social media platforms like Facebook use face recognition technology to automatically identify Facebook members when they appear in photos. This makes it easier to tag people in the posts or find photos in which they appear.

Monitor School Attendance

Monitor School Attendance

In the current era, most schools and colleges are using face recognition to track daily attendance of students by matching student’s faces with the database to authenticate and validate their identities.

Control Access to Restricted Areas

Control Access to Restricted Areas

The face recognition system ensures access control by allowing only authorized individuals to access restricted service areas such as bank vaults, labs, boardrooms, etc.

Identity Authentication at ATMs

Identity Authentication at ATMs

Face recognition is a powerful identity authentication technology to ensure that individuals using ATMs cards are actually who they say they are.

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