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Google Tag Manager Implementation Services

Manage Tags, Create Tags and Analyze Data without editing code with Google Tag Manager Implementation with OrangeMantra

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Eliminating the dependency of Complex Codes with GTM services for easier Marketing Solution

Google Tag Manager Implementation(GTM), with its capabilities to implement complex code snippets in the form of tags for a website, ease up the process of marketing within any organization. It has proven to be a boon for the digital marketing team. Available for both big and small enterprises, GTM allows you to use several Google services like Google Analytics, Adwords, eCommerce tracking, Funnel & Event tracking, without the need of a developer. Moreover, GTM allows you to test and debug snippets of code before making them live. Although GTM is Free of cost, it’s not easy to use, and to bring out the best of this tool, we suggest you hire a professional that offers Google Tag Management Services

OrangeMantra’s team of experienced analytics professionals offers you the support you need to handle all your Tag management requirements. Be it a new tag manager setup or migration to the GTM platform from another analytics platform, OrangeMantra’s experts can take care of your website. Our team can successfully migrate numerous clients with other analytics to the GTM platform with years of experience.

GTM Services

  • GGTM Consultation

    We offer consultation and offsite training and workshops to train your digital marketing team. Our expert consulting will draw out the potential of analytical skills, affecting the progress of your product.

  • GTM Implementation

    Seamless integration of GTM Services to enhance your website’s performance by enabling updated and advanced analytic features.

  • GTM Migration

    Deploy tracking codes and snippets faster with migration from old analytics platform to GTM

  • Third-Party Codes Deployment

    Codes like Adwords code, Custom HTML codes, Facebook tags are easily deployed using GTM third-party Code Deployment Service

  • Advanced Tracking

    Advanced tracking implementation allowing you to track eCommerce traffic tracking, Cross Domain Tracking, Error Tracking, Custom events tracking, File tracking, etc.

GTM Services

Get in Touch with Certified Professionals for Google Tag Manager Consulting

Benefits of Google Tag Manager Implementation

Time Saver

Time Saver

Time Constraint as after implementing GTM Services, you’d be able to add codes snippets all by yourself, without any developer’s help

Version Control

Version Control

Easier to switch the versions with the new GTM implementation, if any error occurred, switch to the old version

Limited dependency

Limited dependency

GTM Services offers tags modification/addition and deletion from the tag manager interface itself eliminating the dependency of developers

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Tags, Triggers, Data Layer, and Variable: Only four important features of GTM implementation making it easier to use

Event Tracking

Event Tracking

Unlike the traditional approach where users had to manually add code to links they want to track, GTM’s Auto-tracking automatically tracks the link clicks, form submissions, and engagement

Easy Debugging

Easy Debugging

Easier tags debugging to debug the tags with the help of Tag Preview Feature

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We will help you make better, data-driven decisions.

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We strive to adapt to your needs. experience loose to order an audit, analytics implementation, or allow us to take a look at your complete tracking drift.

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We’ve been working in digital marketing and website improvement for more than 10 years. You can trust us by no means to miss a trick in your tracking set up, internet site analytics, and campaign optimization.

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As Google certified experts, we make use of Google merchandise to their complete ability to assist your business development.

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Adherence to quality practices and a verified method that assures the highest fine requirements and well-timed task transport

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A successful track record with big projects brought to customers across a variety of enterprise verticals

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Complete cognizance of client satisfaction with tailored answers that suit their requirements to perfection


Frequently Asked Questions

GTM implementation is extremely user-friendly and using its simple interface you can add or delete Javascript or HTML-coded tags into the GTM container. The GTM container then fires the necessary tracking tags required for a specific website.
In general, you can track page views, Link Clicks, engagement on posts or videos, and form submission using GTM. However, you can choose to track other things as per your website demand and as per your requirements.
GTM services and GA both are managed by Google and are free tools. Where GTM is used to track specifics of your website by extracting data, Google Analytics holds the Data that can be viewed later in reports format.

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