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Lithium Community Extend Trust Between Your Brand And The People

Engaging your customers through the Lithium Community helps to promote, empower your brand identity, increase sales at reduced investment costs.

We help you make use the websites as a social destination across desktop, social channels, and mobile devices. We relate your PSD or the new design implementation with respect to the Lithium application and customize as per the requisite during the development phases.

With Lithium-your own trusted community, create an amazing digital experience for the customers by connecting them through different social channels, comprehend community behaviour, respond and act immediately to their queries/feedback anytime, crowdsource their ideas, and more.

Salient Features Of Lithium Community

  • Studio Customization: One may customize the components of the Lithium community studio such as announcements, knowledge base, community management, content, front page, comments, posts, and more.
  • Community style/CSS: One may add different page styles with desired fonts, colors, spacing, and so on for the web documents with all flexibility across desktop and mobile devices.
  • Layout: There are n number of layouts by default. One may select and change the design by choice.
  • User Profile features: One may customize their profile with my group, friends, bookmarks, images, facilitate comments like kudos, level ups, ideas, likes, and more to create an interactive environment.
  • Forums: Allow product experts and the brand enthusiasts for topic discussions, provide solutions to customer queries.
  • Sharing Knowledge: Empower customers/employees to share knowledgeable conversation, ideas, blog, photos, videos, and keep your community updated with data. Further, can motivate customers to share inspirational experiences regarding the brand.
  • Reviews: By adding customer reviews, one may increase the confidence for a buyer and thus increase conversion rates.

Lithium platform thus helps to measure your customers and improve performance to create an enhanced business value. Gain real accomplishment in the virtual world through Lithium platform with us.

Knowing your customers is the best approach to be engaged in your Business.
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