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What Is a CIAM Solution?

With the changing business dynamics, talent acquisition emerges as perhaps the most challenging aspects of running an organization. Consequently, there has been a change in the hiring mindset of organizations as they look for a contingent workforce to deliver immediate expertise and fill the talent gaps when there is a need. While the permanent workforce forms the backbone of an organization, the contingent workers bring the much-needed short-term flexibility and fluidity which are the need of the hour. However, this on-demand model brings certain operational and financial risks and challenges that need to be managed effectively.

A Managed Staffing Program (MSP) brings a complete solution as it empowers the organization to manage the contingent workforces. At OrangeMantra, we cater highly effective MSP provider services that bring technology expertise and process efficiencies for organizations of all sizes. We serve as an integral part of the client’s HR function and manage the entire lifecycle of the contingent talent, right from its requisition through invoicing and payment.

The Key Managed Staffing Benefits


Employers are empowered with enhanced visibility on the headcount and expenditure on contingent workforce
MSP provider ensures that all the regulatory compliances are taken care of while hiring the workforce
Better control over the staffing process that makes it faster and drives insight-based informed decisions
Streamlined end-to-end process that reduces the costs and complexities of contingent hiring

Our Expertise

We specialize in creating strategic talent advantage with MSP solutions that are tailored to the client’s needs and business objectives

Optimized Program Design

Understanding the client’s requirements and creating customized programs to bring immediate gains and long-term strategic benefits as well

Direct Sourcing

Extending direct sourcing services to deliver the right kind of contingent talent that a client needs, quickly and effectively

Risk and Compliance

Adhering to best practices to ensure robust risk management and proactive compliance needed for contingent staffing

Predictive Analysis

Leveraging advanced predictive analytics technologies to provide workforce-related insights for making informed business decisions

Technology Infrastructure

Providing a sound technological infrastructure that acts as a state-of-the-art talent intelligence platform for the clients

Employer Brand Development

Elevating the visibility and resonance of the employer’s brands so that it can attract the best contingent talent in the industry

We Specialize In Delivering Exceptional Tech Talent For Organizations With Diverse Needs. Whether You Are Looking Middle-Level To Senior-Level IT Professionals, Your Search Ends Right Here.

UI Architect

Sr UI Lead

Sr Python developers

C++ specialist

Solution Architect

3d / 2D Artist

Full stack developers

Big Data Developer

Technical Project Manager

Sr Automation Lead

Data Scientist

Microsoft Dynamics- Navision/Axapta

Key Differentiators That Set Us Apart

Comprehensive Services
A full spectrum coverage for talent needs, including recruiting support, contractor retention, supplier engagement, and payrolling
Extensive Skill-Set
Extensive technical skill-set being offered for clients spanning diverse domains and with businesses of all sizes
Industry Experience
A long-standing industry experience that makes our HR team capable of choosing and recruiting the resources that match the client’s needs
Custom Solutions
Custom solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of the clients to get them the best advantages with contingent staffing
Sustainable Results
Sustainable results for clients with reliable predictive analysis and streamlined processes
Consistent Support
Round-the-clock availability and consistent support to fulfill the contingent staffing needs as and when the client asks for them

What Clients Say

Want to Know How Can We Help You Achieve Better Security Posture and Seamless Digital Experience with CIAM?


A CIAM solution can help you with the following:
  • Secure your business and customers
  • Enable digital transformation of your organization
  • Establish trust and loyalty of users
  • Reduce the risk of the data breach and unauthorized access
  • Enable simple and easy social media logins and sign-ups
  • Gain actionable customers insights to improve customer experience
  • Ensure higher scalability and uptime
  • Gain a unified view of customers
  • Ensure compliance with privacy regulations
A CIAM solution is used to monitor and manage the authentication and authorization of customer identities. It typically involves the CIAM program or third-party CIAM platform that helps users to register identities and create profiles while you manage the provisioning, authentication, activity, and security on the web or mobile service.
Companies normally have to allow their business partners to access some of their applications such as order management and inventory management systems. By using a CIAM solution for your employees, helps you establish the trust between the respective CIAM applications so that they can easily single sign-on to the order or inventory systems without re-entering the password every time they want to access. This enables end-to-end security and increased usability.
A CIAM solution prevents customers to reuse passwords to access several online services. Using a CIAM, you can provide the customers with the option to add multi-factor authentication factors or social sign-ins which increases end-to-end security and data protection against unauthorized access or theft. This also eliminates the need for creating and remembering different passwords for different services.