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Next JS Development Services

Create innovative, robust, and customized applications with Next JS Development Services. Ensure fast, responsive, and server-side rendered app to meet user expectations.

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Create Fast & Responsive Web App with Next JS

Web applications have evolved from static to dynamic, covering rich features, and robust functionalities. From Client-Side Rendering to fast-paced Server-Side Rendering, web app technology is advancing to meet the latest trends. Head towards innovation and agility of fast Javascript loading web app with Next JS development services from us.

What is Next.JS?

Next.JS is an open-source web app development framework that defines a higher response rate as compared to its counterpart. Develop your enterprise-level web app based on the Next.JS framework to ensure fast loading of all Javascript to reduce waiting time. Also, rely on Next.JS web app development to effectively tell SEO algorithms to understand the content.

Here at OrangeMantra, we aim to create result-oriented and innovative technology solutions for you. Being a leading choice of Next JS web app development, we aim for perfection for your enterprise-level web application. We are not a new but expert partner in the realm of end-to-end Next JS development of web applications for SMB’s, startups, and large corporations. Moreover, we have incorporated the industry-led team of Next JS developer available for you to create a growth-oriented and Server-Side Rendering web app to meet business objectives.

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Why Next JS for Web App Development?

Easy to Use & Deploy

No such requirement of plenty of configurations. Rely on the expertise of Next JS developers to quickly deploy a user-friendly web application.

Offers Enhanced Performance

Experience a performance boost in terms of the Next JS web app’s server-side rendering. Witness the fast loading of functionalities at the backend.

Automating Splitting

Code splitting is responsible for the fast loading of the web app with a focus only on a bundle of codes. Ensure robustness in the app with the availability of the splitting process.

Prefetching of Application

Next JS-based application loads the optimized codes at the backend to enrich loading performance. Enterprises can maximize the user experience with a fast responsive web app.

What’s Included in Next JS Development Services?

We create solutions for your business that are responsive, trendy, and truly stand you as an upscale level of the enterprise. Avail of our performance-driven Next JS development services while meeting your distinctive requirements.

1. Next JS Server-Side Rendered Apps

Our team possesses years of experience in successfully developing server-rendered web apps for diverse enterprises. We create feature-rich Next JS-based framework apps that ensure minimal waiting time to load.

2. Next JS Plugin Development

Leverage the power of different plugins to augment the growth of your existing web application. Our real-time Next JS experts offer the required plugins to make your app feature-filled in nature.

3. Next JS Integration Services

Using our expertise, we enable your industry-led Next JS web application to integrate well with the existing system. Developers create well-versed integration with JavaScript libraries, Thunk, Redux, etc.

4. Next JS Static Website Development

Deliver on-demand user-friendly information with the growing virtue of static web app development. With Next JS, we make sincere efforts to create static websites supporting your business.

5. Next JS Customization Services

We are here to customize Next JS web apps according to your requirements and business needs. In addition to using result-oriented technologies and we offer out-of-the-box customizations.

6. Next JS Migration Services

Upgrade to the latest version of the technology with the assistance of our Next JS developers. Get indulged in the smooth and result-oriented web app migration process and perform to an enhanced level.

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Why Partner with OrangeMantra?

As a top-notch Next JS development company, we value clients’ success with help of our tech-enabled efforts. With help of our innovative engineers, we offer exclusive web app development solutions supplied by our commitment and value-driven approach.

Expert Industrial Experience

We have an extensive range of experience working for a diverse choice of industries.

Seamless Communication & Engagement

We ensure to keep project managers and stakeholders in a tight looped working environment.

Easy to Blend with Teams

Hire Next JS developers who work closely with your existing team and offer productive solutions to establish goals.

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Some of the top-notch features of the Next JS framework include the following:
  • 1. Automating Routing
  • 2. Hot Code Reloading
  • 3. Ecosystem Compatible
  • 4. Server Rendering
At present, more than 489 companies are using Next JS as an essential part of their technology stack. Out of many, some of the renowned brands include names like Twitch, Netflix, Uber, Starbucks, and more.
For maintaining an optimum level of quality, we follow a strategic Next JS-based web app development approach. Right from the initiation stage, we follow industry-led technology standards and create bug-free code. For checking the quality, we have an expert team of Quality Assurance and testing professionals to analyze the project completely.