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Custom Rich Internet Application Development

With our vast experience and knowledge, we develop top-notch Rich Internet Applications that increases your sales reach. The Rich Internet Applications developed by our RIA team meet your business goals with an easy-to-use user interface, advanced features, and robust functionality.

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Rich Internet Application Development Services

A Rich Internet Application or RIA is a web application that embodies the characteristics of a desktop application while providing a powerful user interface that is more responsive than a traditional application. RIA technologies offer many benefits including improved responsiveness, platform independence, and reduced deployment costs.

Orange Mantra offers RIA Development Services that enable businesses to deliver a higher level of customer service, enhance productivity, and leverage advanced communication systems while providing a highly interactive web experience. Our RIA developers have worked on a range of Rich Internet Applications leveraging the inherent advantages of the pattern-like handling for local activities, reformatting, calculations, and so on. Thus, reducing the amount and frequency of client-server traffic, especially as compared to the client-server implementations considering so-called thin clients. Our RIA development team has always been instrumental in utilizing the cross-browser, cross-platform technologies to support rich graphics and effective media interactions in the applications, thereby giving business owners a competitive edge in the industry.

Why Build Rich Internet Applications?

Our RIA team develops Rich Internet Applications that offer superior accessibility, scalability, and portability. Unlike standard HTML-based applications, RIAs empower your business with solutions that are more

Responsive – because of the cutting-edge technologies used. RIAs make complex processes (like registration or purchasing) simpler, save bandwidth and perform faster than traditional Web applications, thereby improving customers’ online engagement, guidance, and feedback.

Consistent – compared to HTML applications that often require several pages reloads to complete an action, RIAs provide smooth and interactively-controlled stages transitions that prevent users from getting distracted from an action end goal.

Targeted – RIAs technologies provide a superb background for developing compelling user interfaces that are completely business and customer-oriented.

Smart – dynamically tweaking their behavior by capturing, maintaining, and using contextual information, RIAs interactively provides users with exactly what they need, thereby reducing their workload, time and effort spent on targeted actions performance. These act as intelligent customers’ assistants rather than mere tools.|

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Our RIA Skill Set

We have vast experience with AJAX, Flex, Flash ActionScript and with effective use of open-source platforms available in the market, we take advantage of the existing tried and tested frameworks to get the job done in a timely manner.

We build high-end Rich Internet Applications using web 2.0 technologies including Adobe Flex/ Flash ActionScript, Adobe AIR, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, PHP, JQuery, and MS Silverlight. These major players in the RIA arena are web applications that have the features and functionalities of traditional desktop applications and have better interactivity and data communication.

Excited to Know More About Our Rich Internet Development Services?

  • Rich Internet Application Customization
  • RIA Consulting & Strategy
  • RIA Design and Development in Angular JS with CSS Standards
  • RIA Design and Development Using Reusable JavaScript and Ajax Components
  • Custom RIA Design and Development

Industries We Serve

  • Highly-qualified and dedicated RIA developers
  • Cutting-edge tools and technologies are used
  • Rapid application development
  • Cater to unique customer requirements
  • Custom Rich Internet Applications
  • Development based on W3C standards
  • Extensive quality assurance testing
  • 100% confidentiality assured
  • Timely delivery
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Round the clock support

Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in RIA development can bring many benefits to your business:
  • Improved customer and business partner productivity since RIA provides a common application view
  • Increased customer loyalty because of the customer’s efficient and smooth communication experience with the host servers
  • Accelerated customer acquisition rate because of the improved customer experience Lower operational cost
The key features of RIA include:
  • Real-time and direct interaction with users
  • Partial-page updating that reduces latency and increases responsiveness
  • Better guidance and feedback
  • Consistency of look and feel
  • Offline-mode use
  • Better performance than traditional desktop applications
There are 3 main factors that affect the performance of RIA:
  • The application’s design, usage context and environment, connection speed
  • Users’ expectations and behavior
  • The application’s behavior or its response to the client’s requests
Have more questions? Feel free to ask our RIA experts.