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Server virtualization solutions that make your business future-ready

As business and technical climates evolve, it becomes vital for businesses to respond and adapt their IT environment rapidly to match the changing demands. Server virtualization is a reliable technology approach that empowers IT organizations to run multiple servers and applications on each physical server. bviously, this drives a significant reduction in the number of machines in a data center or server room. OrangeMantra’s server virtualization services can help you leverage the advantage of virtualization technology and take your business ahead. As a part of these services, we configure, maintain, and support virtual servers for business organizations of all sizes and types. Whether you already have a virtualization setup or want to move on to one, we can help you achieve your objective.


Why Server Virtualization?

Server Virtualization Services We Offer

Virtualization Solutions

We render the most advanced and cost-effective server virtualization solutions with collaborations the major players such as VMWare and Microsoft.

Virtualization Implementation

Our team specializes in enabling virtualization for small, mid-sized, and large businesses with the aim to increase flexibility and reduce hardware and support costs.

Virtualization Migration

We assist businesses in migrating from traditional environments to virtual ones. We simplify the process so that you can avoid the complexities of the migration.

Virtualization Support

Besides implementation, we also offer remote support for your virtual environment. Our team if Systems Engineers is available 24 by 7 to help you with any issues.

Server Virtualization & More

Our services extend beyond server virtualization as we aspire to help businesses strengthen their IT infrastructure and security with comprehensive solutions.

Desktop Virtualization
With Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, the desktop environment of a computer is separated from the physical computer. With desktop virtualization, the end users can use the requisite applications remotely without the need for installing on their local computers.
Storage Virtualization
With storage virtualization, we implement and manage tiered storage solutions to lower the cost per capacity across an organization. Essentially an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) strategy, this solution reduces costs and boosts efficiency for businesses.
Application Virtualization
Virtualization of applications is a great idea because it renders them more compatible, portable, and manageable. It enables the isolation of an application from the operating system and other applications as well, thus making it more reliable.
Hardware Virtualization
With hardware virtualization, we create virtual versions of computers and operating systems. The objective is to run diverse OS on the same hardware and enable multiple users to use the processor at the same time.
Network Virtualization
This solution combines the entire available resources in an organization’s network with the division of the bandwidth into independent channels. Each of these resources can be assigned or reassigned to a specific server or device in real time.

Our Virtualization Strategy

We embrace a four-phase strategy for our server virtualization services. Here is how we work.

Analysis and Assessment

We perform a detailed review of the client’s IT environment and provide an estimate of the cost of ownership and the setup expense for the server virtualization project.


In this next phase of the project, we create a detailed plan and elucidate the strategy that is to be adopted for the virtualization of servers even while ensuring the seamless running of the existing system.


Our team of IT experts works with clients to enable proper authentication, configuration and deployment of the new infrastructure which matches the business requirements perfectly.


We extend multiple levels of advanced support technologies and continuously collaborate with the clients to determine the ideal support level which would be apt for their workforce and capabilities.

Why Choose Us For Server Virtualization Services

OrangeMantra offers customized server virtualization solutions that are perfectly tailored to the business needs of clients. Our domain experts assist you in deriving the immense benefits of server virtualization for empowering your business with flexibility, scalability, and cost savings.

Improved agility

Our top-notch services enable acceleration of the server virtualization process to ensure that you start getting its benefits sooner rather than later.

Enhanced productivity

We focus on delivering enhanced productivity for the clients with simplified storage management and hardware consolidation solutions.

Advanced resource optimization

Trust us for advanced levels of resource optimization as we comb the available resources and divide the bandwidth into independent channels.

Client-centric solutions

Our solutions are based on the business-specific requirements and specifications of the clients so that they deliver maximum value to them.

Proven methodologies

We employ proven methodologies that are based on field-tested procedures and policies to help the clients manage and protect off-site data vaulting.

Backup Support & Disaster Recovery

We create foolproof backup and disaster recovery plans to ensure proper management and secure storage of the critical customer data.

Rest assured by hiring us to handle your server virtualization requirements.


Server virtualization refers to a virtualization technique of dividing a physical server into a several small virtual servers with specialized virtualization software. With server virtualization, every virtual server runs multiple OS instances simultaneously.
Server virtualization masks the server resources, which include the number and identity of the individual physical servers, OS, and processors from the server users. A software application is used to segregate a single physical server into a number of isolated virtual environments.
Server virtualization offers a range of positive benefits for any business organization. These include reduced hardware costs, better disaster recovery solutions, enhanced server provisioning and deployment, efficient energy savings, and higher workforce productivity.
A CIAM solution prevents customers to reuse passwords to access several online services. Using a CIAM, you can Virtualization simply creates an illusion where an OS believes that it is utilizing various hardware components of the computer system. It is achieved with the help of software which creates a virtual environment that looks real but is not.
Server virtualization software enables multiple OS to run independently on a single machine within a data center. Also known as Hypervisors, the software encapsulate a guest version of the OS and also emulate hardware resources. The resources emulated may include CPU, hard disk, or memory, which are shared across multiple virtual machines.