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Sql Server Training

MySQL, being one of the most popular open source relational SQL database management systems is used for developing web-based software applications. This Training will help you in giving a quick start with MySQL and make you feel comfort with MySQL programming.

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This training is meant for Corporates and the Industrialists, who are already aware of database especially, RDBMS and computer programming language.

Why Learn MySQL Database?

MySQL is fast and easy to use RDBMS used for several small and big businesses. A few reasons we could attribute for its popularity are briefed as follows:

  • Released as an open source license and thus cost effective
  • Handles a large subset of functionality of the most expensive and powerful database packages
  • Uses standard form of the SQL data language
  • Works easily with many operating systems and languages namely PHP, Perl, C, C++, Java, and, etc.
  • Works easily with many operating systems and languages namely PHP, Perl, C, C++, Java, and, etc.
  • Quick even for large data sets
  • Friendly to PHP, the most popular language for web development
  • Supports large database and is customizable
MySQL Training
Highlights of the Two Days Course

Highlights of the Two Days Course:

MySQL: Introduction and Basic use

  • Connecting DB, Basic Operation (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE).
  • Practical use of Joins (Inner/Outer/Left/Right) and MySQL Function (IF/AVG/SUM etc.)
  • Advance MYSQL (Engine Type/Indexing/Batch) and SQL Injection Prevention

An Introduction To MySQL And Its Uses

  • Revision of RDBMS Terminologies
  • An Introduction to MySQL
  • Installation of MySQL required version on different platforms
  • Post installation steps and its administration
  • MySQL in PHP environment

Connecting DB, Basic Operation (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE And DELETE)

  • Create database by using MySQL admin [emphasis on using PHP script]
  • Drop database using MySQL admin
  • Selection of a particular database from the MySQL server
  • Data Types
  • Creation of tables
  • Insertion of data into MySQL table
  • Update the existing data
  • Delete a data from the MySQL table

Practical Use Of Joins (Inner/Outer/Left/Right) And MySQL Function (IF/AVG/SUM Etc.)

  • An understanding of Joins in MySQL
  • A note on frequently used clause- Inner Join
  • Right & Left Joins and rare use of right Joins
  • Outer Join and its implementation in MySQL

An understanding of MySQL Function

  • Practical uses
  • A list of MySQL Functions
  • Explanation of each function with suitable illustrations

Advance MYSQL (Engine Type/Indexing/Batch) And SQL Injection Prevention

  • A note on Advanced MySQL
  • Understanding MySQL table types or storage engines
  • Understanding MySQL Index & Batch
  • Advanced MySQL queries; Altering tables; Backing up and restoring of MySQL database

SQL Injection Prevention

  • An introduction to SQL Injection with example
  • Serious SQL Injection attacks
  • Ways to prevent SQL Injection

Understanding the Aftermath:

  • Let’ s test what we have learnt for the day
  • What is MySQL
  • Reasons to use MySQL
  • When to use MySQL
  • MySQL with PHP script

Summary of the session:

  • What have you learnt?
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • FAQs

Deliverables to the Participants:

  • The Participants will be receiving ‘Certificate of Completion’ from Orange Mantra
  • Project assistance and e-mail support after the workshop