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Digital is gradually becoming the way of doing business. Businesses are witnessing a paradigm shift towards innovative, technology-based solutions that are transforming the core of their existence. But with the exhilaration of exploring new opportunities comes the apprehension about the potential threats of embarking on this new journey. OrangeMantra offers expert consulting services to make technology happen for your business.

Transform Your Vision

Core Areas Of Expertise

Digital Transformation

Unlock new opportunities with Digital Transformation that empowers your business to explore digital innovations

  • Create a digital strategy which aligns with the business objectives and their fulfillment by leveraging digital capabilities
  • Integrate emerging digital technologies with the existing technology infrastructure of the businesses for exceptional results
  • Foster an environment for digital innovation within the business organization through people, processes, and governance

Enterprise Technology Services

Employ leading enterprise-grade applications and integration solutions to solve your mission-critical business issue

  • Improve the day-to-day operations and accelerate enterprise-wide transformational changes
  • Enable innovative transformation through integration with enterprise-grade applications
  • Engage with your customers, suppliers, and employees in a more effective manner

Startup Technology Solutions

Get sustainable and result-oriented technology solutions that bring rapid growth yet fit into your startup budget

  • Choose the right technology solutions which drive rapid growth as well as long-term success for the business
  • Facilitate a seamless and successful launch by effectively addressing the industry-specific challenges
  • Build scalable solutions that are capable of meeting your short-term and long-term objectives

Emerging Technologies

Unleash the power of emerging technologies to enhance your business processes and take it to the next level

  • Explore technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things
  • Identify and prioritize the emergent technologies which will be important to your business in future
  • Understand the overall impact of these futuristic technologies on the legacy system of your business

Dashboarding/Data and Analytics

Harness the unlimited power of Data and Analytics to get valuable insights that drive impactful business decisions

  • Identify growth opportunities from the existing capabilities of the business and through its expansion
  • Visualize the raw data and information through dashboarding and for strategic insights that deliver intelligence
  • Enhance customer-facing interactions by analyzing the customer behaviors and serving personalized experiences
  • Stimulate innovation in product development and service delivery for driving overall business growth

IT Optimization

Optimize the IT infrastructure of your business to strengthen its core and make way for growth and innovation

  • Maintain your IT investments (resources, systems, processes) while ensuring that they are optimized for business growth
  • Leverage cloud computing to modernize the IT infrastructure and streamline business operations as well-optimized
  • Secure IT assets to detect and resolve cybersecurity threats to the intellectual property of the business
  • Ensure compliance with all the regulatory requirements as needed for running your business enterprise

Key Benefits

By choosing to avail our consulting services, you can get a host of business benefits

Experience-Based Knowledge

Extensive knowledge backed by years of experience and a successful track record in the industry

Result-Driven Approach

Priority to result-driven solutions that are based on an agile development methodology

Focus on Innovation

Focus on creating solutions that are driven by the most innovative technologies

Skilled Consultant Team

A team comprising of skilled consultants who are committed to delivering only the best

Transparency and Integrity

A commitment to work with transparency and integrity while keeping your best interests in mind

Cost Optimization

Delivery of cost-optimized solutions that provide effective results for businesses

Client Focus

Ever since our inception, we have delivered IT Consulting Services for businesses of all types, sizes, and requirements


  • Fixed price estimates
  • Agile delivery approach
  • Focus on providing a fully verified MVP
  • Capacity to rapidly adopt the service requirements

Digital Agencies & ISVs

  • Tested and proven techniques for environment optimization
  • Capacity to support a continuous stream of projects
  • Flexible engagement models for varying requirements
  • Hands-on project completion experience with value-added services

Enterprises & Governments

  • Professional consulting for large agencies and governments
  • Complete process transparency and contracting engagement models
  • Adherence to regulations and standards for governmental projects
  • Effective cross-enterprise coordination of the existing IT investments

Industries We Serve

The automotive segment needs to adopt digital solutions that bring automation in their processes and orients selling and dealership towards digital means.
The BFSI players require innovative technology solutions that drive business growth and enhance operational efficiency and business agility.
Investing in innovative digital customer experiences is no longer a choice for e-commerce businesses that want to sustain and grow in the competitive landscape.
Businesses in the education domain require digital solutions that innovate learning experiences and bring efficiency in the organizational operations.
FMCG & Retail
FMCG & Retail
FMCG and retail domain is a dynamic one which makes it essential for them embrace the digital approach to streamline the entire operations.
 Apparel / Fashion & Beauty/ Jewelry
Apparel / Fashion & Beauty/ Jewelry
The fashion and beauty industry needs futuristic technology solutions can help them to understand consumer expectations and match them.
The healthcare industry greatly depends on strategic technology solutions to enhance the level of patient care as well as to address the multiple challenges that it faces today.
  Human Resource
Human Resource
The Human Resource segment comes across collective challenges which can be resolved only with an advanced digital solution.
Technology solutions play a key role in addressing the complex challenges and revolutionizing performance for the manufacturing segment.
  Media & Publishing
Media & Publishing
Optimal delivery of digital assets is essential for success in this domain and this cannot be done without the right technology solution.
 Real Estate
Real Estate
Going digital is the best approach that real estate businesses can follow to address the multi-variate challenges of the industry.
Supply Chain & Logistics
Supply Chain & Logistics
Going digital is the best approach to enhance operations and boost the performance of the supply chain and logistics businesses.
  Travel & Hospitality
Travel & Hospitality
Travel and hospitality businesses require to take the digital route for enabling personalization in customer experiences and keeping pace with the growing competition.
Startup businesses need viable technology solutions which bring quick and effective results without stretching their timelines and budgets.
Any other industry vertical? We bring cater expert technology consulting services to businesses across all the domains.

Our Approach

Seamless communication, complete transparency, and client-centric methodology defines our approach


As a consulting partner, our aim is to give you a promising start, whether you are new in business or want to redefine your presence

  • Analysis of the business processes, requirements, and objectives
  • Technology roadmap to drive the right decisions
  • Ad-hoc training to help you achieve the target

Once you have a basic tech infrastructure for your business, we offer advice for scaling it according to the changing needs of your business

  • Research on the increased complexity of the business requirements
  • Discovery of unique financial and operational capabilities
  • Identification of points to suggest scenarios for growth

If you are looking for tech disruption for your business, we serve flexible engagement models to fulfill your requirements

  • Flexible short term and long-term partnerships
  • Proliferation with continuous upgradation of systems
  • Optimization of infrastructure with emerging technologies