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Offer a Friendly Welcome to Your Guests with a Robust Visitor Management System

A visitor always has the tendency to get lost or hurt on-site. Ensuring on-site visitor satisfaction is crucial for every organization, whether it is an office, school, or college. Hence, there is always a need for a robust Visitor Management System to give your visitors a friendly welcome. Every organization, be it Corporate, Industries, Research Centers, Modern Organization, Business Centers, Commercial Complex, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, or Residential Complexes, is looking to use reliable and secure Visitor Management Solutions.

Orange Mantra offers Visitor Management Solutions that fit any organizational structure. Our solutions are simple, ensuring visitor check-ins in just a few clicks. It can be easily configured to meet safety standards and compliance. Our Visitor Management Software allows for OTP-based visitor authentication and visitor data collection systems such as fingerprint, photo, assets, etc. With all these features, our software is considered to be the best Visitor Management System in India. Our solution promotes a smart, productive, and secure workplace by allowing only verified visitors to enter the premises. From managing expected guests to unknown visitors, our all-inclusive VMS can meet all your workplace reception management needs. It automates and streamlines the visitor management process that includes registration, visitor monitoring, sending visit notifications and alerts, and more. Offer a delightful hospitality experience to your visitors with the best-in-class Visitor Management System in India by Orange Mantra.

Boost Your Operational Efficiency

Create a Safer Working Environment

Gain More valuable Data Insights

Offer Impressive Greeting to Visitors

What is a Visitor Management System and Why Does It Matter for Organizations?

The Visitor Management System helps in digitally monitoring and managing visitors who enter your premises. It automates the paper-based or manual check-in systems to eliminate tedious paper-work. There’s always a need for a robust and secure Digital Visitor Management Solution in every area to avoid the complications and challenges faced by the traditional system.

Automated Visitor Notifications

Visitor Management Software sends visitor notifications and alerts to the employee as soon as the visitor arrives so that they can be attended to promptly and efficiently.

Improved Efficiency

With an efficient Visitor Management System, an employee can know when and where to greet their guests, which ultimately saves valuable meeting time.

Streamlined Visitor Check-ins

Visitors experience hassle-free check-ins because of the easy registration and sign-in process. They just need to scan their photo ID and get themselves registered at a kiosk.

Cost-effective Solution

Visitor Management Software cuts down the cost and struggle of data maintenance. It is thoughtfully designed to serve various purposes and maintain everything efficiently and effectively.

Safe and Secure

A Visitor Management Solution helps in maintaining all the confidential information about the people of the corporate and the visitors who enter the organizations, thus ensuring data security.

Here’s How a Smart Visitor Management System Works

Our Visitor Management Software keeps track of the safe and secure movements of visitors through your entire workplace.

Visitor Registration
After arriving, the visitor gets registered by entering his/her name and other necessary details.
Capture the Picture and Digitally Sign Documents
Once the visitor fills in the details, he/she needs to capture his/her photo and digitally sign on legal documents to check-in.
Digital Badges
Based on the details provided by the visitor, digital badges will be generated containing the visitor’s photo and the reason for the visit.
The Employee is Notified about the Visitor
The Visitor Management Solution automatically sends a notification about the visitor to the employee so that they know their visitor has arrived.
Feedback Submission & Check-out
When the visit is over, the visitor can simply check-out of your office space by simply tapping on the check-out button. The system will automatically take note of the visitor’s check-out time and request quick feedback from him/her.

Core Features of the Best Visitor Management System in India


Visitor Registration


Digital Badge


Visitor Notifications


Visitor Monitoring


Detailed Insights & Reports


Third-party System Integration

We Build Visitor Management Solutions for All
















Residential Complex


Research Centers


Commercial Complex


Modern Organizations


Business Centers

Why Choose Us for Visitor Management Solutions?

We are committed to providing an organization with unmatched Visitor Management Solutions and Services that add value to your organization and improve your brand image.

Advanced and Future-Ready Solutions

Our two decades of experience and extensive research and development process enable us to deliver advanced and future-ready solutions that adapt quickly to the changing technology scape. Our innovative solutions, stringent quality controls, and relentless precision are what help us deliver robust Visitor Management Solutions for our clients.

Vast Industry Experience

Having serving to a wide range of industries, we have acquired profound knowledge and expertise in dealing with industry-specific challenges with appropriate solutions. Our rich experience enables us to develop best the Visitor Management System in India for our cross-industry clients across the globe.

Dedicated Support Team

We have a dedicated support team that is always ready to offer assistance to the partners and end-users. We promptly address your queries and concerns to ensure their timely resolution. Our round the clock support is not only specific to the product but is also extended to our services.

Create Positive First Impression on Your Visitors with Our Advanced Visitor Management Solution!


The overall time taken to build a robust Visitor Management Software will depend on the project size and design complexity, the number of features, integrations, and customizations you want, the country and packages you choose, and many other factors.
A Visitor Management System is an integral part of an organization because it lets you gain better control over those individuals who might enter with devious intents which can range from theft, harassment, violence, and vandalism. Having a VMS ensures the safety and security of your workplace and workforce.
Digital Visitor Management Software effectively facilitates Group Check-ins for events and conferences by allowing guests to pre-register before arriving on the site. This further streamlines the final check-in procedures once the guest arrives on-site.
Modern Visitor Management Software is capable of designing and creating a wide variety of visitor check-in workflows for various types of visitors. Whether your guests opt for pre-registration or on-site check-in, they can engage with the workflow that matches their visit reason. Furthermore, if an organization wants to know the number of each visitor type arrived on-site at a given time, the back-office team can easily extract this information and produce an exportable report for further analysis.