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    Fast Paced Technological Change

    • Advisories on quick adoption strategies, roadmaps and MVP’s
    • Build/ buy comparisons and robust technology selections
    • Application portfolio studies and optimization
    Idea Valuation
    Idea Valuation

    Innovation through collaboration

    • Crack team of Business Analysts, Solution Architects and Project Management resources working with client product owners
    • Easy formulation & dissolutions of teams that are required periodically

    Managed Globalization

    • Consult on global rollouts of existing applications in the most cost-effective way
    • Leading Language support on German/ French/Spanish & Indian Vernacular team set-up and deployment advisory and capability
    • 24x7x365 Application support helpdesk support/ resolution abilities
    Idea Valuation

    A single step in the right direction can mark a new beginning for your business.

    Let us help you take that first step!


    Transformative Technology Refresh

    Give your business a leading edge with a comprehensive transformative technology refresh

    Application Portfolio Audits

    Unlock the potential of the latest technologies to make your business digitally sound

    Cloud Engineering Consulting

    Leverage our cloud expertise to accomplish optimum benefits from cloud technologies

    Utilizing the power of IoT, Blockchain, AI with NLP and ML

    Unlock the potential of the latest technologies to make your business digitally sound

    Mobility Consulting

    Empower your business with advanced mobility solutions that deliver extensive advantages

    Digital Marketing Consulting

    Build and consolidate your brand with a result-oriented and cost-effective digital strategy

    OrangeMantra makes a difference…

    Voice User Research

    We believe in delivering Real Results for businesses while focusing on IT initiatives that blend the latest technologies with a practical approach to move the needle.

    We are trusted IT experts committed to helping our clients drive digital transformation for their businesses to make them more productive, profitable and futuristic.

    As a strategy and consulting partner, we offer unique services which include understanding your existing setup and ideating a 360-degree technology refresh to bring innovation. We also conduct audits for application portfolios and suggest what can be done to open new opportunities. Further, we enable organizations embrace advanced systems and applications to build a digital future.

    Idea Valuation


    Robust solutions at competitive pricing


    What is the Problem? Define the challenges and explore the context

    Best practices with a proven methodology


    Why is it important? Research, observe, understand and develop a point of view.

    Successful track record


    How do we solve it? Brainstrom ideas – good and bad, don’t stop at the obvious.

    Focus on customer satisfaction


    How do we create the solution? Start creating – fail cheap and fast

    Flexible hiring models


    Does it work? Show don’t tell, start to refine the product

    Driving India’s top automotive brand with our tech expertise

    We are proud to serve the w orld’s leading two-wheeler company as a consulting partner. We evaluated their existing application portfolio to assess the ones that were value adding and those that were redundant. Further, our expert consultants also assisted the client with enterprise application optimization by recommending new applications to be added and existing ones to be revamped according to their requirements.

    Idea Valuation

    Leverage our business and technology expertise to unlock new opportunities for your business.

    Get in touch with an expert right now.

    Our Happy Clients

    Over the years, we have accumulated some impressive names on the list of our clients. Here’s what they have to say about us and our services!

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    OrangeMantra Values

    We conduct business honestly and ethically at all times and with all the clients. Maintaining their privacy and confidentiality is our top priority.
    Working collaboratively with our clients is the mainstay of our services as we believe in understanding their needs and fulfilling them.
    We take ownership and responsibility for the projects we undertake and make sure that they are completed within the stipulated timelines.
    Commitment to quality OrangeMantra is synonymous with commitment to quality, which reflects in our services and the projects we deliver.