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Micro Mobility Solutions

Innovative Parking, Charging, Travelling, and Storage Solutions for Smart Cities, Citizens, and Entrepreneurs.

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What is Micro-Mobility?

Rising gridlock and longer city drives are driving citizens to search for elective ways of riding at their destination in the most advantageous, reasonable, and time-proficient way.

Micro-Mobility — bikes, skateboards, skates, smaller bikes, e-bicycles, little electric vehicles with a couple of seats — is standing out in the current market, throughout the planet, not just for funding raised (more than $5 billion) but also in terms of healthcare and operation viability of these solutions. By large, micro-mobility is characterized as small transportation modes powered by an individual’s physical energy or electric engines with a speed under 50 km/hour.

A Blessing for Urban Government

With the rapid increase in population as well as pollution in urban areas of the country, Governments are looking for options to tighten the transportation rules. As recently seen in Delhi, the air quality was so bad that the government has to implement the Odd-Even formula to curb the pollution issue.

In such times, The advantages of micro-mobility are self-evident, both as far as the positive effect on traffic levels and air contamination, challenges with which numerous urban areas worldwide have been battling. Indeed, even with a modular portion somewhere in the range of 10% and 20%, electric micro-mobility eliminates or replaces sufficient four-wheel vehicles making a course for materially impact on traffic and air quality.

Micro-Mobility Solutions

Most of the micro-mobility solutions are IoT-Based systems that allow users to track, manage data, and use mobility devices efficiently.

  • 01Parking and Storing
    Solutions that ensure the protected parking of bikes and bicycles against vandalism with the help of IoT cameras that use solar power and cellular connectivity to capture images, gaining insight into how the space is used.
  • 02Charging
    Solutions giving charging focuses on private clients and armadas of shared vehicles, not relying upon the maker’s charging framework. Conceivable variation to motorbikes and scooters will be decidedly surveyed.
  • 03Digitization
    Tech-Driven Digitization of the solutions and reconciliation with smartphones through an application.
  • 04 Micro-Mobility Data management
    Micro mobility data management helps urban areas and private administrators settle on data-driven choices to further develop the administration regarding their roads, arrangements, and administrations.
  • 05AI-based Solutions
    Artificial intelligence-based real-time location-data analysis to work on spatial knowledge and comprehend demands to advance reallocation and recharging efficiencies; Advanced Fleet and resource management activities and telematics solutions for cost-effective rearrangement vehicle tasks.
Big Data Analytics Solutions

How Micro-Mobility Solutions Help Cities

Micro-Mobility solutions can help fill in the holes between open transportation for regular commuters. Moreover, they can even assist in creating mass travel more alluring, so more individuals will pick it over driving their vehicles. Thus, this can decrease gridlock, traffic issues, and other metropolitan issues. The thought is yet in the developing stage, so urban communities have experienced some developing challenges on account of wellbeing and at times, manners. Different urban areas might take in certain examples from the principal pioneers of micro-mobility to get city authorities to facilitate IoT development organizations and the micro-mobility organizations in the planning stage.

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