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Software-powered Overdraft Management for Profitable Financial Services

Banks and financial services companies face a substantial risk of losing money while setting overdraft limits for customers. The financial costs and potential regulatory implications make overdraft management one of the most challenging areas of financial services.

As the demands for overdraft increase across countries, financial institutions and need efficient and long-term solutions to the challenges. Overdraft management software applications turn around the way the credit services are delivered and managed.

Analyze customers’ deposits, monitor accounts using online and mobile banking, and set insights-driven overdraft limits. Our overdraft management solutions enable you to set data-driven and responsible credit and overdraft limits.

Key Benefits of Using Overdraft Management Software

With overdraft management software in place, you can dramatically enhance the efficiency and insightfulness of your financial services. From comprehensive reporting to strict regulatory compliance, overdraft management solutions offer wide-ranging benefits.

Data-rich Reporting

Overdraft management software applications give you immense reporting capabilities and data support. Easily track excessive overdrafts, performance issues, and various charges.

Create Flexible Offerings

With the availability of personalized data and insights, you can create customized financial services and packages. The solutions enable differentiated treatment of customers, offering a product, and account-level information.

Data Modules

With extensive data management and analytics, you can create used cases for key deposit accounts. Also, manage refund amounts, monitor, and mediate accounts showing excessive overdraft activities.

Unfailing Regulatory Compliance

The overdraft management solutions allow you to offer overdraft limits that are defensible in terms of regulatory guidelines. The solutions feature capabilities like overdraft monitoring and shut-off to ensure adherence.

Main Features of Overdraft Management Software from OrangeMantra

Whether you run a small financial institution or a large multinational bank, our custom-built solutions have features for every kind of need.

Deposit-Linked Overdraft Protection
Our software applications enable you to link deposits, savings, and other areas of banking. You can also enable customers to link their primary account to a secondary account to cover the overdraft.
Line Of Credit Overdraft Protection
The overdraft management software enables your customers to link an existing checking account to a line of credit that can cover the overdrafts. This helps customers to avoid check returns and unnecessary charges.
Courtesy Overdraft
This feature lets customers opt-in or opt-out of overdraft protection with a one-click button. Customers who opt-in for service may choose ATM and other daily transactions to get authorized.
Idea Valuation

Our Overdraft Management Portfolio

We have worked with several leading banks and financial institutions having a diversified business. Our expertise in overdraft management software and other fintech solutions are built on the foundation of extensive experience.

Need a flawless overdraft management solution for your bank/financial institute?


Overdraft is a financial instrument that enables bank customers to withdraw money from their current or savings accounts, even if the account balance becomes zero. The customer can withdraw money up until the assigned overdraft limit. Banks charge an interest rate on the money withdrawn overdraft. Customers can manage their overdraft account using a mobile app or net banking.
The costs of developing overdraft management software depend on several factors. Design elements, development time, and features, among other things, play an important role in calculating the overall cost. OrangeMantra offers feature-rich overdraft management software at a competitive price.
There’s no predefined time for developing an overdraft management software. It varies widely depending on the features of the solution, its design, and features. The best way to know an estimated time is to consult development experts. We develop efficient overdraft management software in short development time.