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Enabling Remote Business Operations & Services

As the business world shifts to a work from home culture, we help you flawlessly embrace the sweeping change. With efficient software solutions custom-built according to your needs, we keep you at the forefront of this new wave of transformation.

Our custom software development expertise is founded on more than 20 years of experience. Over the past decades, we have served almost every major industry. Whether you are an education service provider, a financial service company, a manufacturer, or a retail chain, or any other business, we are ready to serve you.

Looking for a feature-rich remote working software?

Key Features of Our Work From Home Software Solutions  

Whether it’s a disease outbreak, extreme weather conditions, or any other obstacle, remote working solutions keep the work going.
A well-developed remote working software not just equips for today but also prepares you for the uncertainties of tomorrow.

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  • Remotely manage your business processes without any hassle.
  • Avoid disruption in services like education, coaching, and corporate training.
  • Seamlessly maintain customer relationships and related services.
  • Manage processes like manufacturing, packaging, distribution, etc. from a remote location.
  • Get real-time data of your operations/business processes.
  • Quickly communicate with your business partners, employees, and other stakeholders.
  • Access a cloud-based environment that keeps your data safe and provides painless backup.
  • Increase productivity with easy-to-use interfaces.

Remote Working Solutions for Every Kind of Business/Organization

We’ve built remote working software tools small businesses, medium enterprises, and large corporations. Our expertise in this domain span across industries – from education to entertainment and everything in between.

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Online Education Services

The education services sector is one of the worst-hit areas in the wake of the virus outbreak. With a full spectrum of EduTech solutions, we help education service providers to excel even under challenging conditions.

Our Online Education Offerings

  • Online Teaching/Learning Portals
  • Mobile Apps for Online Classes
  • AR/VR-based Learning Solutions
  • School Management Software
  • Student Information System

Online ERP Solutions

No business can afford to stop its management and resource planning process, even during the most challenging times. With a wide range of cloud-based online ERP solutions, we make sure that your operations and management process stop nothing.

Our Online ERP Offerings

  • Business Automation Solutions
  • Team Collaboration Software
  • Mobile ERP Solutions
  • Document Management Solutions
  • HR Management Software
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Online Banking & Financial Services

Banks & financial institutions are under growing pressure to more extensively adopt digital technology-based operations. Whether you’re a small financial institution or a large bank, we experienced enough to deliver you the required Fintech solutions.

Our Online Banking & Financial Software Offerings

  • Digital Payment Solutions
  • Chatbot for Banks
  • Lead Management Software
  • Loan Management Software
  • Investment Management Solutions

Digitized Healthcare Services

Healthcare service providers stay at the frontline during crises like a global outbreak. With digital technology-based HealthTech solutions, we empower you to provide state-of-the-art medical care services.

Our Healthcare Software Solutions

  • Hospital Management System
  • Mobile Healthcare Solutions
  • Healthcare Dashboards
  • Wearable Apps
  • Telemedicine Solutions
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Online Commerce Solutions

As physical marketplaces face growing lockdowns, online commerce is the only way up and forward. Get a suitable online store or m-commerce app and continue selling goods even during lockdowns.

Our Digital Commerce Software Offerings

  • eCommerce websites
  • Inventory management systems
  • m-commerce Apps
  • Payment gateways
  • Online Food Delivery Apps

Organizational Communication Solutions

Communication and collaboration become more crucial in a remote work setting. We build communication tools that allow you to implement a frictionless communication across the organization.

Our Organizational Communication Solutions

  • Team Collaboration Software
  • Video Conferencing Solution
  • Project Management Software
  • Slack-like Communication Tool
  • Instant Messaging Software
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Want to continue business operations during lockdowns?

Our Remote Working Solutions Portfolio

Being a leading provider of software & digital transformation solutions, we’re committed to fighting this pandemic with the help of technology. Our track record speaks volumes about our expertise.

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