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Innovative Technologies That Are Reshaping Enterprises In 2019

6 Innovative Technologies That Are Reshaping Enterprises In 2019

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As 2019 already approaches the halfway mark, things are getting more exciting on the technology front. Enterprises, in particular, are coming across disruptive changes, with digital transformation no longer remaining a choice for them. Now is the right time for businesses, big or small, to invest in digital transformation services because if they fail to do so, they will definitely be left behind. Before you take the next step into this innovative journey, you need to understand the technologies and options that you must embrace to make a successful transition. Here are the ones that are reshaping the enterprises today and will open new opportunities for them in the future.

Internet of Things
One of the technologies that have been around for quite some time but now is becoming an essential for businesses is the Internet of Things. Interestingly, the IoT has been a part of home automation for some years but now Industrial Internet of Things solutions are coming forth and are poised to become the cornerstone of the fourth industrial revolution. There is more than one ways in which the current IoT trends are geared up to transform businesses.

Use cases

  • Connects enterprise-wide assets and devices through sensors and actuators that enable collection of data in real time
  • Enables automation and communication between devices to enhance their productivity
  • Facilitates data-driven decision-making and provides data for predictive maintenance
  • Allows management and monitoring of devices and workforce to prevent bottlenecks in operations

Essentially a distributed digital ledger, the blockchain technology empowers the stakeholders to record transactions in real-time, without any regulatory authority to manage the records. Since these transactions are encrypted, the digital information recorded therein remains secure beyond imagination. If your enterprise envisions digital innovation in the near future, hiring a blockchain developer would be the best idea to start.

Use Cases

  • Secure information sharing is the biggest benefits that any enterprise can derive by embracing a blockchain-based solution
  • It offers a robust and secure infrastructure for storage of big data as well, making blockchain and big data a powerful combination for businesses
  • Smart contracts based on this technology make yet another important use case for enterprises
  • Since blockchain fosters trust and transparency, it offers ground for strong relationships with customers and partners

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
AR and VR are the technologies that have revolutionized customer experiences and are now poised to disrupt the enterprise landscape as well. Both these technologies are closely related yet differ from each other. While AR drives simulative experiences, VR enables the users to feel spatial presence. Businesses are also using them as a combination, with the mix being referred to as Mixed Reality.

Use Cases

  • Customer expectations have grown over the years and they look for immersive experiences, which can be made possible with these technologies
  • Beyond just creating amazing gaming experiences, AR and VR are being embraced by enterprises for training the workforce
  • Enterprises can use these technologies for generating brand awareness and testing products before launching them
  • With 3D vision of products, customers are able to trust the brands before buying from them, which fosters loyalty in the long run

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Another set of technologies that should absolutely be a part of your digital transformation initiative is AI and ML. As the names suggest, these technologies inculcate human-like intelligence in machines and equipment and make them smarter than ever. Together, they form the backbone of the Business Intelligence system for any enterprise, which is the reason that most enterprises are embracing Artificial Intelligence consulting services today.

Use Cases

  • Enable the business to anticipate the customer’s behavior and fulfill their expectations with relevant products and services
  • Empower the businesses to enhance their product lines in accordance to customer preferences and market trends
  • Assist in data analysis for generating actionable business insights that drive better business decisions
  • Help in optimization of processes for better efficiency and higher productivity with the help of AI-powered project management tools

Robotic Process Automation
A technology that is fast gaining momentum on the enterprise landscape is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Essentially, RPA automates the repetitive tasks within the organizations and frees up the workforce to pay more attention to the business-critical tasks. Even though it does not replace the legacy suites of a business, the technology can still drive the modernization of these systems over a period of time.

Use Cases

  • Assists enterprises in streamlining their end-to-end daily business processes by monitoring tasks that are repetitive in nature
  • Facilitates cost reduction in operations and performance optimization of the workforce
  • Defines rule-based processes which are governed by established criteria for decision-making
  • Reduces the manual processing time of tasks and minimizes the chances of error as well

Cloud Technology
Cloud technology is another technology that has been recognized by enterprises as a digital transformation enabler. It has disrupted the conventional practices which were followed earlier for saving, processing, and managing the key business data. Several cloud providers offer solutions such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), making cloud a viable investment as compared to building IT infrastructure.

Use Cases

  • Enables storage, processing, analysis, and management of both structured and unstructured data
  • Gives a robust infrastructure for Big Data and Analytics, which provide useful insights for better decision-making
  • Assures the security of data with reliable backups along with data recovery as a service in case of accidental loss
  • Makes the business scalable enough to handle sudden online traffic spikes with ease and efficiency

Embracing these technologies is apparently a massive challenge for businesses but having the right digital transformation partner is the right approach. The idea is to look for a provider that holds expertise in a wide range of technologies and experience in enterprise application development. OrangeMantra is a name that you can trust for helping you to embark on the journey to becoming a digital enterprise. We have a seasoned team of professionals with expertise in varied technologies and an innovative approach towards the latest tech trends. Share your requirements with us and we will create an empowering solution for your enterprise.

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