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7 Disruptive IoT Trends That Are Going To Make It Big In 2018

IoT Trends 2018

The Internet of Things has become a term of common knowledge in the past year as even non-technical people have become comfortable with the concepts of smart homes, smart offices, and driverless cars. But the IoT is much bigger than mere automation and it is important to familiarize oneself with the futuristic concepts that this technology holds in store. As 2018 has dawned, it is going to spell new opportunities in the IoT world and for the people who embrace the trends that are going to drive the future. Let’s have a look at these disruptive trends.

(1) ADN Voice Technology will see extensive growth
2017 saw the emergence of the advanced AI-powered ADN Voice Technology and 2018 will see it getting bigger. In fact, voice-led Operating Systems are poised to become a part of our daily existence in the near future. For instance, Amazon’s Alexa is already being included in some of the Ford vehicles to enable safer driving. More of the technology will be seen proliferating the home automation segment as electric lighting, temperature control, music, internet searches, and even telephone calls will be facilitated with voice control.

(2) IoT and Blockchain will make a powerful combination
As security becomes more important than ever, IoT-based solutions will be combined with Blockchain technology as a reliable security measure. Blockchain makes use of advanced cryptographic processes for enhancing security with decentralized control options. As it allows devices to share and not copy the digital information, it becomes virtually impossible for compromised devices to infect others, thus strong holding the security for the entire system.

(3) The collaboration between AI and the IoT will be closer
The Internet of Things will forge closer connections with the Artificial Intelligence technology in 2018. AI will be powering up IoT projects by collecting relevant data, analyzing it, and extracting insights to enhance the customer experience and boost operational efficiency. The amalgamation of these technologies is poised to make devices and applications more powerful than ever.

(4) The trend of connected industries will prosper
From connected homes, the IoT will now make a transitional shift towards connected industries in this year. Businesses across diverse verticals will need to adopt the technology to stay in the race. The contextual data generated by IoT devices will help them in varied ways, from improving their operational processes to monitoring the resources and fine-tuning the management strategies.

(5) Cities will get smarter too
The technology is predicted to come across extensive expansion in 2018, with smart homes paving the way for smart cities. Several cities across the globe will take up the “Smart City” projects to improve the quality of lives of the citizens. The focus will be on facilitating optimal energy usage, waste management, traffic management, and improving the overall infrastructure of the cities.

(6) Consolidating device management will be a necessity
As the number of IoT-powered devices will increase phenomenally in the coming year, businesses will need a robust device management strategy for better control, stronger security, and higher efficiency. Currently, the system is plagued by fragmentation of IoT devices and experts are engaged in efforts to consolidate them for proper functioning.

(7) Healthcare innovations will be the mainstay of the IoT
The benefits of the Internet of Things will extend beyond business enhancement as the technology will focus on bringing life-saving healthcare innovations in 2018. The future of healthcare IoT looks extremely bright as it will help the industry to extend better patient care in more than one ways. The technology will enable better record-keeping, optimization of workflow, continuous patient monitoring, effective appointment scheduling, and much more.

2018 is going to be a milestone for businesses as most of them will aspire to adopt the Internet of Things as a part of their existence. Besides this technology, the cloud, AR/VR, AI, and more will be a necessity and not an option in the time to come. Therefore, timely adoption of these technologies is needed to stay in the race. But a digital transformation is easier said than done for any organization as it requires a robust digital strategy to drive the change.

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