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Key Features

  • Full-cycle development of an enterprise-level solution 
  • Unique architecture for quickly responding to customer needs
  • Day-to-day IT operations and multi-level tech support
  • Upscaling of servers, operating systems, and databases
  • Contactless payments via smartphones and wearables
  • Secure and transparent mobile payments
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The Story

Our client, PVR Cinemas, is an entertainment service provider, needed an in-house enterprise development platform to rapidly implement a wide array of enterprise applications, from online ticket booking to back-office software. The challenge of the project was to build a unique solution based on a DevOps infrastructure architecture helping different teams to work in collaboration. In addition, assisting development team to roll out and configure the development environment to enrich their platform with new ticket booking, remodel customer experience for higher user engagement. The entertainment company requested OrangeMantra to build a DevOps team for them. 

  • PVR has years of experience in the entertainment sector, being recognized as one of the top companies. 
  • Being one of the top companies, they pursue a strategy of continuous innovation to boost business growth.
  • The company turned to OrangeMantra for a reliable team in DevOps to enrich their enterprise-grade software suite.
  • We were the client’s top choice given our ability to serve them with industry-best tech talent with the relevant skills to build a robust DevOps infrastructure architecture.
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Our client is a pioneer in its domain in many ways. By bringing transparency & seamlessness to payment and data management, the company aims to make ticket booking more convenient. 

  • Encouraging users to book tickets and integrating personalized customer experience was a major challenge for the service provider.
  • Increasing customer base and manage web traffic during peak times was troublesome. Also, they required a system that can streamline all their sales, revenue and back office sources to generate desired profit.  
  • The integration of secure payment with cloud integration for ticket booking, browsing, and reporting needed to be simplified to drive engagement.  
  • Lacking sufficient in-house DevOps experts, client started looking for a trusted DevOps partner to scale their engineering capacity.  


Having worked as our client’s development partner for several years, OrangeMantra has contributed to the platform engineering and full-cycle development of several strategic solutions. Our major contributions are for customer engagement, gathering comprehensive statistics, and managing data lakes. To build a platform meeting our client’s needs in the shortest possible time, we decided to use the DevOps infrastructure architecture. Apart from R&D, business analysis, DevOps, development, testing, and documentation, our team also shared responsibility for product ownership at peak periods.

  • To boost the client’s platform competitive advantage, we revamped codebase to provide new software offerings, and an effective approach to platform adoption.  
  • Integrate process automation capabilities for ticket booking, tracking and extensive reporting functionality, from operational reporting to high-end were integrated.  
  • Moreover, a solution was integrated to enable efficient collection, validation, normalization, visualization, and benchmarking of data. 
Solution Derived image
Solution Derived image


In the last few months, OrangeMantra developed a future-ready enterprise development platform that enhances productivity, saves money, and decreases the time to market for our client’s solutions. By assigning development work and team augmentation to OrangeMantra, our client was able to become more competitive among entertainment companies.

  • A modernized approach of setting up the development environment helped our client to reduce operating costs and maximize the business value.
  • Client’s development team can devote more time to high-value strategic initiatives while our team manage development work and back office operations.
  • Client focused on their core tasks resulting into bringing more business value with new products, and promoting their products in new markets.
  • The company experienced a huge shift in business revenue collection, data management and improved its operations to encourage customers.

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