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Gain Agility and Competitiveness with Digitally Integrated Capabilities

Manage the complete suite of applications and software from a unified service platform with the aid of digital integration solutions.


Enable a digital integration software to streamline the exchange of business data from multiple checkpoints. We help the disparate systems collect data to connect & communicate with each other to find patterns & drive business efficiency.

B2B Connectivity

Maintain collaboration with diverse trading partner communities and work towards the common goal of increasing ROI. Leverage pre-connected trading partners on a unified platform to analyze purchasing patterns, offer data protection, and speed up a time to market.


Improve transaction visibility and agility with digitizing transactions with trading partners and suppliers. Enable digital business operations with external partners to automate the process and reduce manual operations to eliminate errors. It also helps to mitigate the risk factor and find new opportunities.

Managed File

Ensure the flawless sharing of files, documents, and information with a digital integrated managed file transfer solution. Securely share any type of file of a particular size within the enterprise and to external partners with ease. MFT secures all sorts of files with end-to-end transfer protocols.

Analytics & Transaction

Gain complete visibility in all transactions from the end of traders, suppliers, customers, and institutions. Get mission-critical insights into transactional flow through configurable and integrated software. Employ analytics to find supply chain and trading partner’s performance.

API Business

Smart usage of APIs drives the success of a digital enterprise. Implement an API platform with real-time assistance of digital integration experts to meet diverse business requirements. Create a roadmap for API management, effective implementation, and complete risk analysis.

Reimagine Enterprise Connectivity with Digital Integrations

Enable, modernize, and manage digital integration solutions to avail long-term enterprise-level benefits.

Gain Business
Unlock the power of data from multiple apps and operations integrated into a collaborative system. Find new business opportunities based on data prediction patterns & grow exponentially.
Modernize Apps
& Operations
Transform from legacy operations to Cloud-based and well-integrated systems to get access to leading technology, manage data security, innovate, and bring efficiency.
Focus on Business
Collaborating systems lead to a transparent view of operations to focus on profit-oriented objectives at large. Remove the complexity of separate applications silos with integrational benefits.
Accelerate Growth
Leverage connectivity to reduce repetitiveness and ensure speedy access to operate, analyze, and change. Further speed up the expansion of new market channels and traders’ communities to grow & increase revenue.
Drupal Commerce
Rely on automated business operations while leaving manual processes behind. Ultimately, reduce operational cost to an optimum extent along with experiencing flexibility to change and adapt effortlessly.

Sucess Stories

Be it modernizing legacy systems, enhancing customer experiences, or fully automating processes, our solutions have enabled transformations across dimensions.

Some of our clients

  • Panasonic
  • SKF
  • Jk Cement
  • Relaxo
  • PVR
  • Hero
  • Ikea
  • Pernod Ricard
  • And
  • Decathlon

Why Choose OrangeMantra for Digital Integration Implementation?

No matter, whatever business problem you have, digital integration solutions can help to solve along with the expert approach of OrangeMantra professionals.


Trusted Solutions Approach

Overcome technical barriers of system integration & connectivity with a reputable solutions partner.


Years of Expertise

Find the best integration solution from an industry-level expert having more than 2 decades of result-oriented experience.


Transforming Enterprise Success

with our solutions powering big names across all major industries.


Result-Driven Methodology

Strategic flow of integration and connected process to modernize the way of managing business & external partners.


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The costs of building a B2B eCommerce website vary widely, depending on your needs. If you need a simple online store with basic features and a storefront, costs are comparatively lower. OrangeMantra offers reliable B2B solutions at a competitive price.
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