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Hire AEM Developer from OrangeMantra For a Range of Service

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Discuss creating a single-best digital asset management platform i.e. AEM CMS, and managing content at a low cost. A reliable, robust, secure, and Cloud-Based content management system ensures a seamless customer experience across multiple channels. Our expert team of AEM developers consults with you to create a strategy, interactive UI/UX, and end-to-end development to meet distinctive requirements.

Build a unified digital experience across multiple marketing touchpoints by using AEM. Hire AEM developers to assist, create, innovate, and develop a well-optimized business asset to manage everything in one place. Rely on the extensive experience and result-oriented approach of developers to build a scalable and revenue-generating model for you.

Ensure full-cycle and personalised marketing solutions depend on automated Adobe tools. The team of experienced AEM pros facilitates full-cycle integration of your third-party systems like Salesforce and Magento with CMS. Integrate profitable Adobe marketing tools with Adobe Experience Manager to keep a detailed eye on campaign performance, consumer behaviour, content structure, and more.

Trust the reliable, fast, and performance-oriented approach of AEM experts to seamlessly migrate your existing CMS to Adobe Experience Manager. Ensure a fast, secure, and unaffected migration process and move to a robust platform to manage multiple marketing efforts on a single dashboard. Similarly, upgrade your CMS with new and advanced features of AEM to stay competitive and effective.

Know the impact and performance of content generated for websites, mobile apps, and forums. Get the assistance of quality assurance for your CMS handled by seasoned experts from us. Our professional AEM developers inspect your digital assets to identify performance obstacles. Developers create strategies and do tweaks in CMS to optimise its performance to an optimum extent.

Maximize efficiency and reliability of Adobe Experience Manager by getting post-deployment support and maintenance. Our AEM developers maximize the platform’s performance by addressing security issues, upgrading functionalities, and suggesting operational changes. Get expert-level assistance at distinctive quarters of CMS to enrich marketing results.

Success Stories with OrangeMantra

Digitally Empowering Tata Coffee’s Online Presence

Our client, Tata Coffee, is one of the largest integrated coffee cultivation and processing companies in the world. Being a legacy brand since 1922, their vision was to make coffee products easily accessible to global customers. They partnered with OrangeMantra to build a Magento powered e-commerce website with a user-friendly interface, faster loading, and a responsive design.

Digitally Empowering the Online Presence of a Switzerland Based Coffee Brand

Our client, Amerigo, is one of the largest coffee bean and machine sellers in Switzerland, with a vision to make coffee products easily accessible to customers. They partnered with OrangeMantra to build a Magento powered eCommerce website with a user-friendly interface, faster loading, and responsive design.

Magento-Powered eCommerce Website for a Construction Brand

Groz Tools is among the largest tool and building suppliers and wanted to extend their business to an online platform. Through an online store, shoppers can simply order tools and building materials and make secure payments. As the business expands, the company plans to partner with OrangeMantra to build the eCommerce website. And importantly, they expected that the online store would integrate amazing selling features.

Our Tech Stack for AEM Developers

Hire AEM developer with varied skills and expertise in tools and technology required to ensure project success.

  • Programming Languages

  • Technology Java
  • Technology JavaScript
  • Technology HTL
  • Technology Kotlin
  • Frameworks

  • Technology Sling
  • Technology Apache Felix
  • Technology HTL
  • Technology Apache Jackrabbit
  • Data Sets

  • Technology AEM Content Repository
  • Technology AEM Assets
  • Technology AEM Sites
  • Technology AEM Forms

Our Business-centric Hiring Models for AEM Developers

With our various hiring models, you can seamlessly adapt to the needs of your project. Discover the ideal match for your AEM development path, whether it be a project-based partnership or a devoted team.

Full-Time Engagement

Full-Time Engagement

This model lets you hire AEM developer full-time and guarantees continuous dedication, promoting long-term success and a deep understanding of your project objectives.

Hourly Basis

Hourly Basis

Flexibility is the heart of this model. Hire our dedicated AEM developers by the hour. This is ideal for meeting instant project demands or brief consultations. Pay for something only when you need it.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Improve the efficiency of your existing team. By adding our knowledgeable AEM experts to your team, you may boost their skills. Additionally, fulfil changing needs while increasing the capabilities of your project.

Get Expert AEM Developer for Your Industry

Over years of working with hundreds of clients, we have developed a team of AEM developers with in-depth knowledge of different industries. When you hire AEM developer from OrangeMantra, you get a solution with industry-level impact.

Hire AEM Developer with the Right Skills for Your Project and Vast Experience of Your Industry

What Our Client have to say about OrangeMantra Hiring 

Why Hire AEM Developers from OrangeMantra?

Hiring AEM developers from OrangeMantra brings you the right experts without the hassle of full-time hiring. Choose OrangeMantra for your project's assured success.

  • whychooseus Elevate your AEM development with confidence!
  • whychooseus Large talent pool with a diverse technology stack
  • whychooseusAgile methodology
  • whychooseusSupport from a dedicated project manager
  • whychooseus Work according to your time zone  
  • whychooseus Guaranteed client satisfaction
  • whychooseus No contract tie-ins
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Meet Our Expert AEM Developers

Discover profiles marked by expertise, innovation, and a proven track record of successful project implementations.

Jane Anderson AEM Developer

Experience: 8+ years

Data Visualisation Model Validation AEM Big Data Tools

Ryan Peterson AEM Developer

Experience- 7 years

Data Processing AEM Statistics Model Evaluation

Sutton Stewart AEM Developer

Experience: 4+ years

AEM Frameworks Data Processing

Oliver Reynolds AEM Developer

Experience- 5 years

Java AEM Data Modelling AEM NLP System Design

We Craft Excellence in AEM Development Solutions

We are committed to excellence, which is reflected throughout the AEM development journey. Our approach guarantees innovative, precise, and successful outcomes with every project.

Frequently Asked Question

You can hire AEM developers through our staff augmentation service by reaching out to OrangeMantra directly. We have a vast pool of experienced AEM developers available for immediate hiring.

Our AEM developers have extensive experience in space and cover areas like AEM development, customisation, integration, and maintenance, ensuring high-quality solutions for your projects.

You can hire AEM developers based on your project needs—we offer different hiring models such as Full-time, Hourly or Staff Augmentation.

Our AEM developers are proficient in the latest AEM versions and stay updated with the evolving technologies within the AEM ecosystem to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

We thoroughly vet our AEM developers, ensuring they have the necessary skills and expertise. Additionally, we encourage you to interview and assess candidates to ensure they align with your project needs.

Hire AEM developers in India to get cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. Our developers offer competitive rates, high expertise, and a strong work ethic, making it a cost-efficient option for your projects.