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We, at OrangeMantra leverage you to upscaling your business by offering the best dashboard prototype services. We are a devoted team of designers, developers, and data enthusiats who with that nicely designed dashboard can remodel the way you are making decisions, communicate facts, and drive your business forward.

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Explore Top Dashboard Prototype Services

We have specialized in creating outstanding dashboard prototype services for the effective use of data visualization solutions. Our expertise spans diverse industries, and we have had the privilege of operating with customers ranging from startups.

Our vision is quite straightforward; that will help you carry your data to life. We recognize the challenges of coping with massive and complicated datasets, and that is why we offer dashboard prototype design services that make your facts on hand, understandable, and actionable.

 dashboard prototype

Discover Prototype Design Services

In the era of data-driven, having a properly developed dashboard prototype is the first vital step toward success. Our prototype design services are customized to help you remodel your information into actionable insights, developing a clear roadmap to a completely practical and consumer-friendly dashboard.

 ML-based Enterprise Solutions

Interactive Prototyping

We create interactive prototypes that function as a visual representation of your future dashboard. This permits you to experience the functionality at the first hand, making it simpler to refine your dashboard's design and functionality.

 Advanced-Data Analytics & BI

User Experience (UX) Focus

Our team of designers places a sturdy emphasis on consumer experience. We ensure that the dashboard is intuitive, smooth to navigate, and gives an uninterrupted user interface to your company.

 Natural Language Processing

Data Visualization Expertise

We leverage our deep knowledge of facts visualization satisfactory practices to pick the most suitable charts, graphs, and information presentation strategies on your unique needs.

Neural Network Development

Customization Method

We recognize that every enterprise has unique data requirements. Our services are fully custom designed to align with your commercial enterprise goals, enterprise, and information complexity.

Our Work Portfolio

Our work is our real identity that speaks for itself and generates a level of trust & acceptance across enterprises.

Benefits of Dashboard Prototype Design

Dashboard prototype design can rework the manner you leverage within your organization.

Visual Clarity

Dashboard prototypes offer a clean and visually engaging way to provide complex facts. They simplify data visualization, making it easier for customers to understand and interpret data at a glance.

Faster Decision-Making

Prototypes enable quicker decision-making by means of service information in a concise and organized format. This performance can lead to quicker responses to changing situations, supporting your enterprise to stay agile and aggressive.

User-Centric Design

Dashboard prototypes prioritize the user experience (UX). They are designed with the end-user in mind, making sure that the dashboard is intuitive, easy to navigate, and provides a continuing consumer adventure.

Improved Data Accessibility

Prototypes make data usefull to a much broader range of team members. With nicely-designed dashboards, you could empower non-technical customers to get right of entry to and have interaction with data, decreasing the dependencies on data specialists.

Customized Solutions

Each commercial enterprise is particular, and dashboard prototypes are customizable to align along with your specific needs and targets. Whether you require enterprise-precise capabilities or tailor-made statistics visualizations, prototypes can be designed to meet your necessities.

Iterative Development

Prototypes permit for iterative development. You can acquire comments from stakeholders and users during the design phase, making essential modifications earlier than the very last dashboard is evolved.

Reduced Risk

By prototyping earlier than complete development, you mitigate the danger of making an investment in an answer that won't meet your wishes. Prototypes offer a low-hazard testing floor for your ideas and necessities.


Investing in dashboard prototypes is a cost-effective method. It helps pick out potential issues early in the manner, reducing the fees related to fundamental design adjustments after full development has started.

Data-Driven Insights

Dashboards, while well-designed, offer statistics-pushed insights which could cause higher-knowledgeable decision-making. They rework the initial data into insights that could empower your commercial enterprise forward.

Our Tech Stack

We, as the leading dashboard prototype design company believe that the right technology stack is the foundation for creating outstanding dashboard prototype figmas.

  • Design Prototyping Tools

  • Sketch  Sketch
  • Figma Figma
  • Data Visualization Libraries

  • D3.js D3.js
  • Highcharts Highcharts
  • QA and Testing

  •   BrowserStack    BrowserStack
  •  Testing Tools User Testing Tools
  • Development Prototyping Frameworks

  • CSS HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • React React
  • Communication Tools

  • Slack Slack
  • Zoom Zoom
  • Project Management Tools

  •   Jira Jira
  •   Confluence   Confluence

Industries We Cater To

At OrangeMantra, we recognize that exclusive industries have unique information wishes and objectives. Our dashboard prototype design services are tailor-made to deal with the particular demanding situations and opportunities in an extensive range of industries.

The Process We Follow

Our approach to dashboard prototype design is dependent, collaborative, and result-driven. We comply with a properly defined procedure to ensure that your venture is an achievement from inception to final delivery.

  •  Planning

    Discovery and Planning

    We start by gathering information about your objectives, facts, and user necessities. This preliminary section involves discussions, ideation of the sessions, and aim-putting to create a roadmap in your dashboard prototype figma.

  •  Planning

    Data Analysis

    With a clear know-how of your data, we dive into facts evaluation. We assess the complexity of your information, perceive key insights, and decide the simplest manner to visualize the data.

  •  Planning

    Design and Prototyping

    Our design team gets the work, developing the visible additives of your dashboard prototype. We use enterprise-leading design and prototyping tools to construct interactive and user-friendly prototypes. You have a palms-on role in this segment, presenting feedback and making important design choices.

  •  Planning

    Data Visualization

    Using a data visualization framework and high-quality practices, we rework your information into compelling charts, graphs, and visuals. Our aim is to make certain that facts is not just displayed but explains which figma would be the perfect fit.

  •  Planning

    Development and Interactivity

    Our development team brings the prototype through the use of web technologies and frameworks. We make certain that your prototype is responsive, interactive, and able to handling dynamic information.

  •  Planning

    User Testing

    Before finalizing the prototype, we conduct consumer testing to collect remarks and insights from capability customers. This remark is priceless in making necessary refinements to the design and capability.

  •  Planning

    Iteration and Refinement

    Based on user feedback and your input, we iterate and refine the prototype. We pay close attention to info, making sure that the prototype aligns together with your imaginative and prescient and goals.

  •  Planning

    Quality Assurance

    We carry out rigorous testing to make certain that the prototype's capabilities are flawless throughout diverse browsers and devices. This phase is vital for handing over a sturdy and reliable solution.

  •  Planning

    Documentation and Training

    We provide complete documentation to manual your team in the usage of and knowledge of the prototype. We offer training sessions to ensure an easy transition.

  •  Planning

    Delivery and Launch

    Upon your approval, we supply the very last prototype. We help with the deployment of the dashboard prototype figma and provide ongoing guidance if required.

  •  Planning

    Post-Launch Support

    Even after the prototype is live, we stay via your aspect, supplying help and updates as wanted. We are committed to the lengthy-term fulfillment of your facts-pushed endeavors.

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Frequently Asked Question

A dashboard prototype is a preliminary design that gives a visual representation of your future dashboard. It's an essential step inside the design technique, permitting you to test and refine the dashboard design, functionality, and user interface before investing in complete development. It ensures that your dashboard aligns together with your goals and gives a clear roadmap for improvement.

Our dashboard prototype design procedure generally involves the following tiers: discovery and making plans, facts evaluation, design and prototyping, data visualization, development, and user testing, iteration and refinement, quality warranty, documentation and training, delivery and launch, and post-launch support. We work carefully with you at every stage to make sure the prototype aligns with your vision.

We cater to a huge variety of industries, along with healthcare, finance and banking, retail, production, eCommerce, power and utilities, education, generation, transportation and logistics, authorities and public quarters, nonprofits, enjoyment and media, hospitality, agriculture, real estate, and extra. Our enterprise-precise customization guarantees that our services match your unique needs.

The timeline for creating a dashboard prototype can vary depending on the complexity of your assignment and the unique necessities. On average, it may take numerous weeks to three months. We work with you to establish a timeline that aligns with your goals and deadlines.

We make use of an aggregate of industry-leading equipment and technology, including Figma and Sketch for design and prototyping, facts visualization libraries like D3.Js and Highcharts, web technologies consisting of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, collaboration tools like Slack and Zoom, and venture management gear along with Jira and Confluence.

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