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We had an amazing experience with the OrangeMantra Drupal team! They optimized our website modules, fixed our bugs and helped us with analytics work as well. They worked on all the requirements in a very systematic manner and within the deadline.

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World-Class Drupal Support & Maintenance With OrangeMantra

OrangeMantra offers a complete package of support and maintenance services for business enterprises looking for experts to handle the complex, integrated and ongoing needs of their Drupal website. We focus on the client’s business objectives and ensure no performance issues hamper business growth.

A client can avail of our customizable support and maintenance packages, meant to meet their needs. Our experts perform and assist the site audits, security updates, upgrades, code reviews, performance testing, migrations, optimization and user interface development, content updates, modules integration and several more. We manage your website to ensure it performs well in every web browser and device.

When you partner with technically strong IT vendors like OrangeMantra, our team ensures that your Drupal website performs flawlessly and meets the desired business results. With years of experience and an exceptionally knowledgeable team, we assure you that our Support service will secure your store from possible threats and speedily fix challenges.

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Our Drupal Support & Maintenance Services

Website Review

Our team performs a systematic review of your Drupal websites like code inspection and error identification. In addition to that experts update the store whenever requirement is raised.

Constant Monitoring

Our team monitors the Drupal website regularly to identify issues before they hamper the performance and sales. Website scanning, downtime and hosting issues are resolved during website monitoring.

Speed Optimization

Our Drupal speed optimization service is meant to lower the website loading time in order to offer users an improved shopping experience for higher business revenues.

Ongoing Maintenance

Our maintenance services take care of the Drupal website for the smooth running of the store as well as manage the issues at ground level for improved performance.

Timely Upgrades

Upgrading to the Drupal latest version is the most important thing to avail best features. We can help with the upgrade as it is a complex process to execute.

Emergency Support

We are available 24/7 so that any error present is fixed and the performance of the Drupal website is not affected at any cost. Sudden issues are the most challenging to run a website properly.

Benefits of Availing Drupal Website Support & Maintenance


You have a complete analysis of website design, conversions, and traffic.


You have a Drupal Website up and running seamlessly.


You have top-rated assistance on any issue related to your website.


Any issue identified will be fixed promptly and competently.


You get access to regular reports on the store’s operations.


You get timely information related to optimization and updates.

Why Choose OrangeMantra As Your Support Partner?

Being a trusted Drupal Migration Services Provider, we:

  • Real-Time Support from Drupal Experts
  • Timely Security Updates & Upgrades
  • Seamless Communication & Transparent Pricing
  • Free Website Performance & Analytics Report
  • Dedicated Team of Developer, Tester & Project Manager
  • Deployment & Scaling Expertise
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Yes, Drupal maintenance and support is always worth it. Timely maintenance & support helps a website to run as per the desired performance and attain business goals.
You might not think your website needs maintenance, but one day it will get slow or experience downtime. Multiple signs are present:
  • Your Admin panel says there are security updates present
  • Drupal is running on an older version
  • Slow site speed
  • Broken URLs
  • Increase in error in Google Webmaster
It all depends on the level of skills you have with Drupal. If you are not aware of any technical knowledge, then you definitely need to hire a team of Drupal experts for your website’s improved performance.

When to hire Drupal experts:

  • Multiple custom modules are present
  • Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 migration
  • Multiple servers are present
  • Need timely updates
  • Never updated your site before
Drupal 7 will be supported until November 2021.

Drupal 7 will receive community support for two whole more years.

In order to drive ROI on the investment, you’ll need at least 10 hours/month of Drupal support. This time period should cover basic module updates, security updates and small minimal changes. However, if you’re planning for the development changes each month, then you’ll require 20+ hours/month.
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