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Predicting Employee Attrition with Machine Learning Technology

Project Highlights

For a successful business venture having the ability to hire great talent is highly significant. It helps minimize recruitment costs and contributes to overall business growth. An experienced employee is like an asset to the company. When they leave, companies try to retain employees with a significant hike or hire new employees. However, having a solution to predict this can save a lot of time and operational costs. Our client is a renowned IT consulting firm looking for a data analytics solution for their HR department to predict employee attrition rates.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

One of the major challenges is every year, around 15% of its employees leave the company and need to be replaced with the respective talent. The management believes that this level of attrition (employees leaving, voluntarily or involuntarily) is bad for the company. The projects get delayed, which makes it difficult to meet timelines, resulting in a business reputation loss. A sizeable HR department has to be maintained, to recruit new talent. Moreover, the new employees have to be trained for the job and/or given time to adjust.

Technology Solution

The OrangeMantra team analyzed the client’s business requirements in the early stages. The Machine learning-powered data analytics solution aims to discover insights that helped clients make a conscious decision about hiring talents. The report generated is based on exploratory data analysis, data preparation, and the use of machine learning. All this constitutes drives the decision-making process.

Value Delivered


HR analytics help to retain good employees and save you the costs and effort of finding a suitable replacement. Analytics provides more refined data about suitable candidates, helping HR teams understand whether a potential hire will be perfect.

Employee Engagement

HR analytics helped to improve employee engagement, nurture dedicated employees, and lower the overall attrition rate. By analyzing performance metrics, the HR team easily understands which employees are performing well.

Feedback Analysis

Analyzing data during performance reviews and exit interviews helps to analyze employee attrition reasons. The HR team can work on feedback to make policies better and analyze data to tackle challenges.

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