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Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development for Transforming Waste Management Workflows

Project Highlights

With only 28% of total solid waste processed annually, India is far behind in waste management. Our client, a renowned waste management firm was looking for a technology partner to automate their manual operations. They need a technology partner to build a hybrid app to manage their workflow. Our mobile app helped client to efficiently perform waste management. Design solution is attained by focusing on the client’s expectations and requirements in each phase of the development process.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

One of the biggest challenges was the manual documented process for waste management which results into lack of team communication, data loss and higher operational cost. By using the right software application, you can automate the way you collect data and predict future costs by uncovering patterns and trends in your waste management spending. In addition, they were unable to track the location of vehicle carrying solid waste to dumping yard. Predictive maintenance of vehicle with real-time tracking details were not available.

Technology Solution

We served as the technology partner to provide our client an effective means of waste management. Our mobile application encapsulates the complete process from waste picking, recycling to dumping. Our robust application is built for all stakeholders involved in the waste management process – Waste Collectors, Ward Manager, Drivers/Helpers, Material Recovery Manager, and City Admin. All these users play a separate role and have various features that fuse into an efficient waste management process. Finally, a database was built to organize and store all data sent by app users.

Value Delivered

The client previously had a legacy platform, which was the main obstacle for fast and effortless integration of new waste management service providers. After successful development of mobile app, the client can eliminate manual work with fewer resources and less effort. In addition, the response time was also reduced, improving business operation. OrangeMantra continues to support the waste management service, covering all core integration with the client’s existing platform.

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