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End-to-end Workflow Management Solutions to Drive Efficiency

Effective workflow management is crucial to the competitiveness of business enterprises. In market conditions dominated by competition and disruptions, you cannot afford to have inefficient workflow management. You need to manage operations and processes in a way that minimizes efforts. That’s where workflow management systems come into play.

At OrangeMantra, a team of experienced analysts, developers, and tech experts work in concert to build efficient workflow management software. We also specialize in automating your business processes using business process management best practices.

Our workflow management solutions are used to effectively streamline and optimize business processes. The solutions are especially useful for enterprises having diverse steps and processes in operations. With the right workflow management solution in place, you can seamlessly reduce process cycle time, operational risks, and cost of running a business. The solutions enable you to better use human resources, automate repetitive tasks, and improve overall quality.

Key Features of Our Workflow Management Software Solutions

The deployment of our solutions has enabled many businesses to drastically improve productivity and profit. The enterprise-class solutions come with many useful and unique features.

Intuitive Interface

Business owners and managers can use the intuitive interface of our solutions to define process management best practices. The solutions also enable you to automate numerous management models and rules to drive efficiency.

Smart Business Management

The workflow management solutions are built with intelligent features, so you get smart at managing a business. We ensure that your business processes and practices can operate intelligently.

Frameworks for Best Practices

We enable you to quickly sync your business process management with the industry best practices. The solutions provide technology-enabled frameworks to implement best practices.

Result-focused Resource Management

The human resource management capabilities of the applications let you assign the right work to the right person. Intelligent features enable you to find the most suitable resource for a task.

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Benefits That Foster Productivity & Business Growth

Workflow management allows you to look at the business process in an entirely different way. You get more control over processes and better insights.

Efficient Requirement Gathering
With wide-ranging features and capabilities of the solutions, you can gather requirements smoothly and efficiently. This reduces processing time for even complex projects, boosting productivity.
Seamless Process Automation
As industries embrace the automation wave, the competition to increase operational productivity is becoming more intense. Our workflow management solutions have in-built process automation capabilities to empower you.
Tech-enabled Quality Control
Automated testing and quality analysis are some of the key features of our workflow management solutions. Reduce the burden of your QA department and improve quality with tried-and-tested automation capabilities.
Planning & Defined Responsibilities
The software applications enable you to plan the business process based on data and insights. You have clearly defined responsibilities for the resources involved in a project.


A workflow management system is a software solution designed to streamline routine business processes for maximum efficiency. Workflow management systems enable better process control and automation. Businesses use these systems to improve productivity and quality.
It depends on what kind of workflow management software you need, plus the kind of business processes you run. Workflow management solutions with basic features cost lower than the ones with advanced features. OrangeMantra offers industry-best prices for all kinds of workflow management solutions.
The development time depends on the type of software you want to build. Workflow management systems with basic functionalities can be usually built within a short time. We use rapid software development (RAD) method to reduce development time.