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Simple, safe, and reliable navigation for your motorcycle with an all-in-one rider information system! Discover the power of a smart cluster with us.

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Empower your brand with integrated connectivity cluster

A key innovation for the automotive segment is the integrated connectivity cluster, which has made motorbikes smarter than ever. Essentially, this smart cluster serves as an all-in-one rider information system that empowers riders with turn-by-turn navigation features and much more. If you want to deliver the most amazing riding experiences with your bike, we can help. Let us give your bike brand the smart advantage!.

More Services That Drive Smart Bikes

Mobility Applications

End-to-end mobility solution with feature-rich mobile applications that empower connected motorbikes

Rider Data and Analytics

Know more about the riding habits of the bikers and see how you can improve their experience on the road

Road Safety and Predictive Maintenance

Ensure safe riding experiences and enable predictive maintenance with remote tracking and diagnostics

Leverage The Power Of Connectivity

Telematics Recording

Telematics technology can be used to collect data, which is transferred to a cloud service. The data so collected can be downloaded for analysis, anytime and anywhere.

Emergency Calls

An emergency call connects with a call center when an accident takes place to alert about the geographical coordinates so that emergency services can reach the spot.

Breakdown Calls

The service center can be contacted by pressing the bCall button. It conveys information to the service center about the current status of the vehicle.

Stolen Bike Tracking

Enabling rear seat entertainment with software for audio, video, navigation, and in-car internet.

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