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Unleash the Full Potential of Your Smart Bike with Our Compact Software Solutions


Smart Bike Mobility Solutions

Grow your riding experience with our pro smart bike mobility solutions. Navigate smoothly, keep a close eye on your performance, and stay connected on the go.


Smart Display for Bike

Embrace your ride with our cutting-edge with smart display for bikes. Access real-time data, maps, and notifications for a safe and more enhanced journey.


Smart Bike Service

Keep your smart bike running seamlessly with our enhanced smart bike service solutions. From maintenance to restoration, we've got you covered.


Smart Rider Software Solutions

Get yourself with our Smart Rider Software Solutions. Track your overall progress, set goals, and get in touch with fellow riders for an alluring biking experience.


Smart Bike App

Stay connected wherever you go with our smart bike app. Where you can plan routes, track rides, and find new series with ease.


eStore Bikes

Explore our eStore bikes for the latest in smart bike technology. From electric bikes to smart accessories, we have everything you need for a smarter ride.

Get Robust Solutions for Smart Bikes

Looking for robust solutions to enhance your smart bike experience? Don't go further. Our overall range of impressive solutions is crafted to take your ride to the advanced level.

Experience the unique smart bike solutions with our robust offerings. Whether you're a casual rider or a dedicated biker. We have the tools and technology to intensify every aspect of your biking experience. Explore our offerings below:

  • IconSmart Bike Mobility Solutions
  • IconSmart Bike Software Solutions
  • IconSmart Bike Service
  • IconSmart Rider Software Solutions
  • IconSmart Bike App
  • IconeStore Bikes
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Comprehensive Management Solution for Smart Bikes

Looking for a comprehensive management solution to streamline your smart bike operations? Our integrated approach covers all aspects of smart bike management, ensuring efficiency and convenience. Explore our offerings below:

Smart Bike Fleet Management

Easily manage your fleet of smart bikes with our enhanced fleet management solution. Now, you can easily track bike locations, monitor the overall maintenance schedules. And optimize bike distribution for enhanced efficiency.

Maintenance and Service Tracking

Be ahead of maintenance tasks and service schedules with our intuitive tracking system. Get automated alerts for scheduled maintenance, track the overall service history. And make sure that your smart bikes are always in top condition.

User Management and Authentication

Manage user accounts and authentication smoothly with our user management solution. From registration to authentication. The overall system makes sure they deliver seamlessly and provide smooth user experience for riders.

Real-time Data Analytics

Gain valuable insights into rider behavior and bike usage with our real-time data analytics solution. Check your ride patterns, track performance metrics, and make data-driven decisions to optimize operations.

Integration with Smart Bike Software Solutions

Seamlessly integrate our management solution with existing smart bike software solutions for enhanced functionality. From smart displays for bikes to rider software solutions, our integration ensures a cohesive and efficient management system.

Customer Support and Engagement

Provide exceptional customer support and engagement with our integrated solution. From troubleshooting to feedback collection, our system ensures a seamless experience for riders, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Explore our Case Studies

Next-Gen Digital Platform Development for Hero MotoCorp Our team was aiming to bring the necessary changes revolving around technology transformation, service automation, and bringing smart solutions to client. OrangeMantra’s solution architects held several brainstorming sessions with the client to understand their requirements. This helped us walk parallel to the project- specific requirements and bring the result as required. To make their new services appealing to the users we aided Hero with a navigation app that helps users connect their bikes with their smartphones through Bluetooth and help them manage bike speed, and calls while driving. We also designed and developed several other apps to manage Hero dealers and customers.

Explore Our Case Studies

Building Pre-Owned Bikes Online Selling Platform for Hero MotoCorp Hero MotoCorp partnered with OrangeMantra to build one of its kind platform for selling and exchange of pre-owned bike. OrangeMantra website development team designed & developed a new, innovative and scalable feature as per the client requirements. We build a secure feature for the client from scratch with proper data backup. The team developed the strategies that engage and simplify the selling of pre-owned bikes. The team integrated essential features including bike details, user details, and instant evaluation.

Explore Our Case Studies

First-Ever OEM-Owned Online Marketplace for Two-Wheelers & Spares Hero MotoCorp partnered with OrangeMantra to build a first-of-its-kind online marketplace for customers. First-Ever OEM-Owned Online Marketplace for Two-Wheelers & SparesHero MotoCorp partnered with OrangeMantra to build a first-of-its-kind online marketplace for customers. OrangeMantra’s client-centric and strategic tech-driven initiatives assisted Hero MotoCorp to start with an increased sales spree once again. With our efforts, the brand experienced its unique and topmost position as the two-wheeler manufacturing company in India and widely across the global level.

Explore Our Case Studies

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Elevate Your Ride: Smart Bikes, Smarter Solutions

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Technology Stack for Smart Bikes

  • Tools

  • PostgreSQL  IoT (Internet of Things) 
  • MySQL   GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • Data Analytics Tools
  • Oracle Diagnostic Tools
  • Oracle Mobile App Development Tools
  • Technologies

  • PythonBluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Java  RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification)
  • C Machine Learning Algorithms
  • C++Battery Management Systems
  • C++Wireless Charging Technology
  • Platforms

  • Microsoft Azure  Cloud Platforms
  • AWS  Mobile Platforms (iOS, Android)
  • Google Cloud  Web Platforms
  • IBM Cloud IoT Platforms
  • IBM Cloud Social Media Platforms
  • Frameworks

  • Microsoft Azure  Angular or React
  • AWS  Node.js or Django
  • Google Cloud  TensorFlow or PyTorch
  • IBM Cloud Express.js or Flask
  • IBM Cloud Spring Boot or Django REST

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From cutting-edge IoT devices to powerful machine learning algorithms. We've got everything you are willing to ride smarter, safer, and more connected than ever before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Smart bike connectivity refers to technology being integrated into motorcycles to enhance safety, security and convenience. It has features like telematics recording, emergency calls, breakdown assistance and stolen bike tracking.

Telematics recording involves collecting data and transferring it from the motorcycle to a cloud service. This data can include information about vehicle performance, usability, and location, which can be analyzed remotely for identification and optimization.
The emergency call system allows riders to contact a designated emergency call center in the event of an accident or emergency. This feature provides accurate location information for emergency personnel, facilitating emergency response.
Breakdown assistance enables riders to notify the service center of any vehicle issues with the touch of a button. This instant communication provides real-time updates on the vehicle's status, allowing for quick assistance to get back on the road.
Stolen bike tracking utilizes advanced technology to track and check for the stolen motorcycles in real-time. This feature oversees the security by pinpointing the location of the stolen bike, facilitating its recovery and minimizing losses for the rider.