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What is an OTT Service?

An “Over-The-Top” media service is a streaming media service that directly delivers content to viewers online. OTT is commonly applied to video-on-demand platforms, audio streaming, messaging service, and online voice calling solutions. OTT media service bypasses the traditional media distribution channels including telecommunications or cable television providers. As long you have access to an internet connection, you’ll be able to access this streaming media service at your leisure. Typically, OTT services can be monetized with paid subscriptions, in-app purchases, or advertising.

What is an OTT Service?

How Is OTT Content Delivered?

OTT service leverages its internet-based delivery system which enables it to circumvent third-party networks that used traditional content delivery systems. With OTT, the only things consumers need are a good internet connection and a compatible device.

Mobile devices

Smartphone and tablet users can download OTT apps from a braced digital storefront.


Viewers can access OTT content through desktop-based apps or web browsers.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs often come with pre-installed OTT apps or give the liberty to uses to download them.

Digital media players

Third-party digital devices such as the Apple TV support a wide range of OTT solutions.

We Empower OTT Streaming Solutions with High-performance OTT Apps

We Empower OTT Streaming Solutions with High-performance OTT Apps

With our esteemed years of experience and expertise in the industry, we create OTT apps for Smart TVs, Android and iOS devices, and the web to deliver a premium OTT experience to your users. The mechanism of our OTT apps is supported by smart data rights management and proven marketing techniques that facilitate marathon streaming with recommended algorithms, favorites and watch history on any platform or device.

Deliver an Excellent Video Streaming Experience with Our OTT Platforms

Our OTT apps provide you with an opportunity to boost your market reach through multi-channel content delivery.

Video Streaming

Deliver premium-quality video streams through a robust player frontend. We create highly secure, scalable, and user-friendly OTT platforms to facilitate multi-channel delivery using reliable and custom CDN for impeccable video streaming experience.

Audio Streaming

Schedule or broadcast live audio content outstandingly using a customizable OTT platform. Our superlative OTT platform supports multi-format output and fast transcoding capability, ensuring end-to-end security.

Live Streaming

Live stream your audio or video superlatively to your audience. Our powerful OTT platform is capable of tracking, managing, distributing, and monetizing live streams leveraging integrated video data analytics.

Key Features of Our High-quality OTT Solutions

Our OTT app solutions come with augmented features that deliver delightful OTT streaming experience to users.

100% Customizable

Our OTT app solutions come with unmatched features ranging from a swift and powerful player to the backend dashboard that can be easily customized according to the content requirements.

Video CMS

Our OTT apps are equipped with intuitively built features that enable you to upload and manage content seamlessly using a video CMS solution.

Cloud Transcoding

Our OTT apps give you the liberty to stream your videos on any digital media player or operating system in a range of content formats such as MPEG-2, AV1, H.264, and more.

On-cloud/ On-premise

With us, you’ll have the option of either streaming videos through your own servers or our secured servers over the cloud.

Content Partner Portal

We allow our users to collaborate with partners and host copyrighted content on their platforms. Our OTT platform features access control mechanisms to help users control and monitor content partner activities.

Progressive Web App

With our high-quality OTT app solution, you can deliver an app-like experience to your users and increase user engagement through PWA technology.

Multi-device Support

Deliver an unmatched OTT experience through multi-device support solutions for web, mobile tablets, smart TVs, and other digital media players to increase cross-platform customer engagement.

White Label OTT Platform

Our OTT platform allows users to create a feature-rich customized platform to boost their brand value at an affordable cost.

Get End-to-end Solutions for Your OTT Platform from Experts

Know Where You Stand by Scheduling for Our OTT Consultation Service

OTT Consultation for New Projects

  • Requirement elicitation, business strategy development, business cases, product roadmap development
  • RFx, bid and vendor management, operational and business, bid documentation, PMO
  • OTT technology advisory – SW selection
  • Selection of HW, technology stacks, roadmaps
  • End-to-end automation of OTT operations and business processes, following industry-standard practices
OTT Consultation for New Projects
OTT Consultation for New Projects

OTT Consultation for Existing Projects

  • Legacy OTT projects audits, E2E studies ranging from solution architecture to source code, business processes to operations.
  • End-to-end OTT business process consulting, optimization of existing business operations and development, adhering to enterprise-standards
  • Re-engineering of current operations and OTT development

OTT Consultation for Problem Analysis

  • We work closely with our clients to understand their business requirements, visions, and objectives.
  • We also evaluate the current market scenario to stay up-to-date with market trends and incorporate them into our solutions.
  • We conduct extensive revisions and testing of solutions to trace out glitches or faults and eliminate them well in advance
  • Selection of HW, technology stacks, roadmaps
  • We evaluate your IT infrastructure, OTT solutions to determine which areas need improvement, and manage your broadband network efficiently.
OTT Consultation for New Projects
How Our OTT Service Works

How Our OTT Service Works

Our OTT app solutions deliver content from content service providers to end-users via the internet. The OTT services can be availed by anyone using a high-speed internet connection and hardware device. Our OTT platform offers relevant features for OTT Network operators and facilitates OTT distribution from content ingestion of original video sources to video playback on a viewer’s device.

1.Content Ingest Sources

Capture video from any source

2.Middleware Panel

Useful for content and user subscription management


Ensure super-fast content delivery in any bitrate

4.Apps & STBs

Deliver an enjoyable user experience

Benefits You’ll Enjoy with Our OTT Services

Live TV Streaming

Live TV Channels are ingested, transcoded and delivered promptly

Video-On-Demand Library

Provide a full repository of VOD content for your users’ enjoyment

Fast and Easy Setup

We can launch your OTT Network within the shortest time-frame.

Benefits You’ll Enjoy with Our OTT Services

Time Shifts, CatchUP, nPVR Features

Live streams come with timeshifts, catchUP, and nPVR features

Multi-device App Support

Deliver your content on any platform or device including smartphones, tablets, computers, Smart TVs, and Set-Top-Boxes.

EPG, EPG Grid and EPG Import

Provide comprehensive electronic program guides for all your live TV channels

Our Proven Industrial Technology Stack

We employ top-notch technology stack to enhance the functionality and performance of your OTT platform

Why Work with Orange Mantra for Your OTT App Solutions

We deliver end-to-end OTT app solutions starting from designing, deploying, hosting, and managing your IT infrastructure to a complete suite of Video-On-Demand software solutions. Some of our powerful OTT solutions include HTML5-based Online Video Player and Video Content Management Systems, and many more. Our solutions provide intelligent video analytics and report to keep track of your ROI, subscriber base, and billing. Over the years, Orange Mantra has gained strong expertise and experience in serving its clients in OTT-TV and telecommunication ecosystem with tailored business and technology solutions. As a leading OTT service provider, we pay attention to the following:

Why Work with Orange Mantra for Your OTT App Solutions
  • CORRECT SIGNSetting up a robust and scalable IT infrastructure to manage an erratic broadband network
  • CORRECT SIGNSetting up sustainable Content Delivery Network (CDN) that will cater to the future needs of content distribution
  • CORRECT SIGNTracking and evaluating content consumption patterns over multiple devices and apt bandwidth assignment
  • CORRECT SIGNBoosting revenues and finding new monetization prototypes without any additional cost

Frequently Asked Questions

‘Over-the-top’ or OTT advertising is advertising that is directly delivered to viewers via the internet connection using streaming video services or devices including smart or connected TVs.
As the name suggests, Video-On-Demand services allow users to watch videos at their leisure or whenever they desire. It is entirely different from broadcast TV programs. Users don’t have to wait for broadcaster’s scheduled content. Some of the examples of VOD services include YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Videos playing on Facebook Feeds along with On-demand service on cable set-up boxes.

On the contrary, an ‘Over-the-top’ service is a streaming media service that delivers content to end-users over the internet connection. Some of the examples of OTT services include Netflix, Livestreaming, Hulu, Skype, WhatsApp, and other audio streaming platforms.
The OTT app development cost will depend on several factors including the choice of technology, design features, complexity level, country and experience level of the developers, and many more. Get in touch with our experts to know the estimated cost of your OTT project.

Create Enterprise-grade OTT Platforms with Our Custom OTT Solutions