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Be Futuristic in Developing your Website Design

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The websites help to create awareness of a brand, promotes businesses by reaching a wide range of audience. They are meant to deliver the required content and transact securely with the visitors. Since 1996, the Internet started taking off with around 50,000 websites and from 2006, the mobile web devices and responsive web design formed the phenomena. Presently, the Google is handling more than 2 trillion searches. We find billions of websites getting accessed by all types of devices and the gadgets are doubling its speed and memory.

It is necessary to design the website by using today’s technology and make it as future-proof as possible. Further, it has to be optimized for Google against future SEO updates or the new search engine.

Responsive Web Design: The foremost essentiality of the modern world is responsive web design. The images and text must change and accommodate the type of the device the user uses and display well on different screens. The important and useful images or the text must be displayed on top of the page and visible on the small or the large screen and look aesthetic. Further, the merchants must follow the report of the Google Analytics and accordingly edit or remove the least visited or never visited pages from the main menu.

It is expected that Google will shortly introduce a separate algorithm and update the page speed ranking factor of the mobile pages.

Voice Recognition Software: During May this year, Google announced that about 20% of the searches are based on voice in the US, and the mobile app developers anticipate that voice-search would displace text search in future. The Cortana, Windows 10 virtual assistant, and similar other voice-based technologies may become popular in the future. From an SEO perspective, one or two-word searches will get replaced by long phrases.

For instance, the user may send voice message like “Search a Hotel with a family room in Bali or any other tourist spots instead of typing Hotel Bali. Focus on long-tail searches and writing meta tags, content for the users followed by the search engines will be the rule.

RankBrain, Google’s Artificial Intelligence: As per Google’s Artificial Intelligence system, one must focus on what’s important to the visitors. A quality content marketing campaign would achieve more success than any other campaigns. An engaging content which provides useful illustrations or features offer a value added service and useful data ranks high.

Moreover, Google can tell what is in a photo and where the photo was taken which implies that original, relevant photos and illustrations take over the lead. Thus, one image on a page fetches higher ranking in the search results.

Smart Glasses: Google’s glass, Hololens or the smart glasses would take an upper hand to browse the website. Having a plenty of white space on the website and large font size will become essential.

Though we may not be able to predict the invention of the future, we ought to design and optimize the websites with the developing technology. Orange Mantra is a well-renowned web design and development company which offers aesthetic, futuristic, and functional designs for its regional and global clients since its inception.