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Health Fitness Camp Organized For The Employees At Orange Mantra, Gurgaon

Health Fitness Camp

Orange Mantra, an A to Z web design and development company in Gurgaon arranged for a Health Fitness Camp for the benefit of their employees. The Physio Therapist and Trainee from San Holistic Fitness Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon team visited the office on 26th December 2015 and met all the teammates individually and as a group.

The camp included various Health fitness check-up tests like wrist symptom checker, Body Flexibility test, Segmental body composition for the members of Orange Mantra and advised them for health upkeep.

As everyone knows, corporates generally lead a sedentary lifestyle. If not involved in daily physical activities to stay fit, there are chances of getting neck/cervical pain, joints, body pain, cardiovascular diseases, and so forth. The conducted tests dictated the probable chances of any sickness in near future and its precaution measures to avoid [if any], and an alert for fitness maintenance.

Further, there was a group workshop to add fitness at the workstation. They demonstrated certain simple exercises using fitness band which is beneficial for everyone in the long run. A few enthusiastic employees voluntarily joined the team in experiencing the live demo of the workshop.

Rightly, the “Growfit Growstrong ” team threw light on the fact that small stretches and exercises amidst work are indeed a fun and energetic thing to make the job light and healthy.

Orange Mantra has always taken personal care for the well-being of their employees and this event stands as an added witness to their countless endeavors.