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Serious Mistakes To Be Avoided While Designing eCommerce Portal

eCommerce Portal

eCommerce business has become one of the most profitable business in today’ s market and today each business house try hard to make their online presence felt. Shopping online has become the latest trend of the people because people either don’ t have time to go to local store or they don’ t like to go out there. However, it is not ensured that if a business house has an eCommerce portal then it will get success. There are certain things that the company should do and certain mistakes that the company should avoid while designing the eCommerce portal to make it a success as mentioned below.

Graphic Design

There are many eCommerce portals in the market that gives an annoying feeling when opened mainly because of their design. Such designs definitely will not appeal customers to stay on the site for long time, which means the sales figure will be always on the lower side. So, a good eCommerce portal will always have a attractive and interesting design to grab customer’ s attention.

Customer Service

Many eCommerce portals have failed because of bad reviews about their customer service. To get a good image about the portal it is very important to have a good and satisfactory customer support.

Inconvenient Search Option

To make a customer happy it is important to provide them convenient method to search through various products. If the search option is not user friendly then customer will find it very difficult to search other products and will not come back to the site. To make your site success customers should be able to go through various products with ease.

Guest Visit

Many times it feels annoying to us if a website ask to register just to go through their products. So, an eCommerce portal should allow the guest go through all product pages without any kind of registration.

Silly Errors

eCommerce portal should be free of all kinds of errors. If a customer finds out silly mistake then it will tarnish the brand image of the portal. So, every portal should have active eCommerce website maintenance services to sort out such issues.

Technical Support

eCommerce Solutions should have proper technical support in place and the down time of the portal should be always very low. Prolonged downtime will annoy the customers and will reduce the sales.

Above mentioned are some of the mistakes made ignored by eCommerce portals and have failed due to these things. A business establishment should always think about the convenience of the customers to make it more successful.