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The Prospective UX Design Trends of 2017 on E-commerce Websites

The year 2016 is almost over and people are looking forward to new changes and anticipating more from e-commerce in the upcoming year 2017. The recent Demonetization drive in India also has spurred the e-commerce way as most of the shoppers are intending or compelled to go cashless. Obviously, the business persons today are busy with making arrangements for shopping cart integration who are owning only the website, or going mobile in anticipation of alluring wide customers, or making new websites, and so forth.

It’ s the right time for the eCommerce businesses to make the best deal for a long lasting customer relationship and gain increased Return on Investment (ROI). In addition, it is absolutely essential to take care of the UX design as per the upcoming trends while developing a new website or revamping the old website.

Let us investigate the prospective UX design trends for the year 2017.

Visuals and Videos: When an appealing image for a designer wear, a bag, or other commodities are posted instead of giving the description of it in the form of content, obviously the shopper’s eye would get glued to the image. The upload of larger images and video gives the best engaging shopping experience. The trend is expected to pick up more positively in 2017.

Long Scrolling: With mobile browsing in the trend, scrolling would be the best option to incorporate a large number of products within the smaller spaces. The scrolling also makes the storytelling better, and further storytelling would be supported by parallax effects and animations engaging the user.

Mobile design first: Most of the brands today are embracing the mobile first approach. Further, the trend of responsive design and progressive web apps will be in focus. Reverse engineering, i.e., the websites will be designed first for mobile devices and then made adaptive for larger screens like the desktop or the laptop. This will lead to having hidden hamburger menus on the desktop screens, larger images, and icons which would be finger-friendly.

Siri is on the way: The conversational interfaces with virtual assistants to give more space for customer service would be the business trend. The Bots may also handle the common queries of the customers and assist the users in making purchases based on informed choices. These all form an ideal gateway in delivering the pre-sales and post- sales customer support.

Interactive Shopping: The Google’s streamlined and dynamic material design with vibrant colors, shadow effects, focused content, will be the most wanted one for the e-commerce. The card layout, responsive interaction, and animation is expected to penetrate more into the e-commerce stream.

Predictive Analysis: The real-time analytics help the e-commerce players to optimize the price, accommodate floating offers on real-time browsing and purchase history. This kind of attempts is bound to bring in more converts.

Augmented Reality: Most of the Apparel retailers may introduce virtual fitting rooms with webcam technology which will facilitate the shoppers to try out the clothes by mixing the reality and fantasy offering an immersive experience.

All these efforts and more will be made to map the customer’s journey, anticipate their search, and a prompt attempt to deliver the products they demand will help them retain their customers by building a strong relationship.

If you are interested in knowing more about the upcoming trends, revamp your e-commerce website or develop an Android/iOS mobile application for your e-commerce, you may get in touch with the mobile developer experts at Orange Mantra.

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