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Top Benefits of Magento Salesforce Integration

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The business of online product selling is on its boom these days. Especially, concerning the pandemic time of 2020, when people had no choice but to resort to eCommerce platforms to buy essential products.

In this digital era, there are so many powerful platforms available to create an equally powerful eCommerce website. Magento store is one of them that enjoys a great deal of flexibility and open-source features to boost the sales pattern. But Magento Salesforce integration turns to magic for enterprises to better understand customers, offer personalized products, and offer an enhanced level of customer service.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that offers an interactive view of customer’s preferences and trends. It helps to organize and quantify user’s data based on personal details and buying patterns to recognize the activity level.

With having Salesforce integrated into your Magento store, you will consolidate your marketing activities, automate email strategy, social media promotions, and strategize marketing activities.

Magento CRM integration requires you to hire Salesforce developer having years of proficiency in integrating technical aspects to automate behavior.

Major Advantages of Integrating Salesforce into Magento Store

Here we present you few empowering benefits of Magento Salesforce integration to better understand customer requirements and boost sales.

1. Set up an Email Campaign

Salesforce CRM helps to create and manage an interactive product email campaign to drive substantial results. It helps create a visually appealing email template, find the relevant customer message, and track the results. Salesforce Einstein is a tool that is responsible for creating personalized content for each recipient’s email-based on earlier responses or feedback. It helps the retailers to reach the target audience wisely and increase the click rate of emails automatically.

2. CRM Social Studio

Social media has an influential job to target customers in a personalized atmosphere. The platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. provide an effective way to send profit-driven content. Integrating Salesforce CRM into the Magento store helps to create appealing content based on earlier responses and feedback. It further allows the customer support team to strike a conversation with interested prospects.

3. Mobile-Oriented Studio

Availing Salesforce integration services for your Magento store further helps to add a new channel of communication to your eCommerce business. You can start doing mobile marketing to get in touch with interested buyers via mediums like push notifications and SMS.

Additional Benefits:

1. Automate data synchronization: There will be no such requirement of feeding data manually into the Magento store. By integrating Salesforce into Magento, data gets filled automatically, without requiring any human effort.

2. Data management: It’s difficult to accumulate all the data together in a short time if your eCommerce store interacts with customers through various mediums. But with Salesforce CRM, you can do the same in less time.

3. Real-time information sharing: Salesforce is a Cloud-powered CRM that helps to collect and refine data from different sources in real-time. Be it like data fetched from customer service, social media platforms, etc, everything is collected in a real-time frame.

4. Enhanced user-experience: When you have the technology to automate data collection and filtration benefits, it is simple to provide an enhanced user experience. Get to know what people want based on trends and feedbacks to offer related products.

5. Engage more customers: Magento Salesforce integration helps companies offer customized deals to customers based on earlier product preference. It further helps to increase the sales pattern and improve overall ROI. 

Final Note

Do not let your eCommerce business stand alone. Avail Salesforce integration services for your Magento platform to automate operational tasks. Better understand and synchronize customer data to understand the buying pattern to increase sales and customer service.

Leverage the Magento integration services of OrangeMantra. One of the leading Salesforce development company in India, we have an extensive team of CRM experts to create valuable solutions for your eCommerce platform to derive substantial results.


1. What is Salesforce?
Salesforce is a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform well-integrated with an eCommerce store. It brings the technology to collect, filter, and synchronize customer data for better decision making. Be it like product enhancement, marketing, advertising, or customer service, Salesforce CRM helps to analyze data for better dealing with all the operations.

2. How Salesforce Integration Helps to Improve Magento Store?
When you integrate the technical functionality of Salesforce, it helps to organize customer data and store it inside the Magento store. This can be used to identify customer’s preferences to modify email, social media, advertising, and several marketing campaigns accordingly.

3. How Much Does it Cost to Avail Salesforce Integration Services?
The cost depends on the number of functionalities and features required in Salesforce CRM. Every single Magento store player has several sets of needs and priorities to add the Customer Relationship Management feature to target prospective customers. Here at OrangeMantra, we offer cost-effective CRM integration services to large, medium, and small eCommerce players.

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