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What Makes Java Development An Ideal Choice For Enterprise Applications

Java Development An Ideal Choice For Enterprise Applications

Java, as a programming language, has come of age. From the time when it came into existence two decades ago to the present, it has emerged as one of the most preferred programming languages today. No web development company can ignore the role of Java when it comes to choosing a language for building robust, reliable, scalable, and multi-tiered applications for diverse business requirements. From web apps to native apps, Android apps, IoT-based applications, enterprise apps, and more, there are a range of apps that rely on this open-source language for serving as their foundation.

Speaking about the suitability of Java for enterprises in particular, this is one language that is widely appreciated for serving versatility, innovation, and performance for enterprise-grade applications. Unlike consumer applications that are just focused on delivering optimal user experience, enterprise applications aim to enhance employee productivity and increasing processes efficiency beyond just serving great experiences. Since these applications are meant to be the structural backbone of large businesses, they cannot afford to go wrong with the choice of the development platform. Let us evaluate some reasons that make Java enterprise application development an apt choice for organizations.

Programming paradigm support
Java is essentially an object-oriented programming language but it also offers extensive support for modern programming paradigms. For instance, Java 8 version supports numerous functional programming paradigms such as lambda expressions and anonymous functions. Similarly, Java 9 provides a module system that enables developers to write modular and maintainable applications. Additionally, Java EE platform resolves the complexities of enterprise application development.

Speed and performance
Speed and performance are paramount for a JAVA enterprise developer because the very purpose of these apps is to simplify business operations. This is the reason that these are likely to be accessed by multiple users simultaneously. Java is capable of empowering applications to be accessible to a large number of users simultaneously and efficiently. Further, it employs multiple threads for managing and processing multiple instruction sequence simultaneously and quickly, while serving the advantage of reduced memory consumption.

Availability of libraries
Enterprise applications are meant to facilitate a wide array of business processes including resource planning, data and operations management, and more. They also need to be scalable, secure, and portable. Java comes ahead as an apt choice as it offers a wide range of libraries that enable developers to design and implement the requisite features with ease. This means that applications can be developed faster while facing fewer complexities and challenges. Being a scalable language, it enables businesses to ramp up applications with their changing needs.

Another reason that enterprises are fast-embracing Java is its unmatched versatility. Java Virtual Machinery (JVM) enables the creating of applications that can run on any hardware infrastructure. Most enterprises look for app development services because they want to provide mobile apps for their employees. Here too, Java comes up as a feasible alternative because it supports Android application development. Similarly, Java Embedded can be leveraged for running embedded devices such as micro-controllers and smart sensors.

As security is critical for enterprise applications, they look for platforms that excel on this front. By choosing Java application development, they can rest assured because the language offers advanced security features that protect data and application. Things get better with every new version released. Java 9, for instance, has some exciting features from the security perspective. It enables the exchange of data between the client and server over secure protocols.

Beyond the aforementioned benefits, the simplicity of Java for developing enterprise-grade applications is acclaimed. Coding in Java is east and flexible, while it also renders an easily understandable user interface for applications. Java codes are reusable, so enterprises can reuse them for creating other software applications as well. What more, these codes are easy to maintain, which means that it is as simple to maintain current JAVA application for developers as it is to create a new one.

Since J2EE assists developers to embrace a simple software development process, it automatically translates into cost-effectiveness. The platform supports reusable and standardized modules, which is another factor that brings down the app development cost to a considerable extent. Java EE platform offers a multi-tier architecture for the developers, which makes them capable of managing the various programming aspects automatically.

Considering these benefits of Java from the enterprise perspective, it definitely emerges as a smart choice for businesses. At the same time, choosing the right language is just half the work done because you need to partner with a seasoned Java development services provider. The idea is to look for someone with the right skill and relevant experience in the enterprise landscape because the requirements and challenges of these businesses are very different from those of conventional ones.

Orangemantra is a leading name that you can trust for creating enterprise-grade Java applications. We can also help in case of developer required for managing JAVA based application that is already running. Whatever may be the size or requirement of your business, we can help. Discuss your requirements with us and we will give your business a robust Java-based application that takes it to the next level.