The Client :-

Alkaway, was co-founded by Ian Blair Hamilton and Cassie Bond, Byron Bay, Australia. Way back in 2010, they developed their own non-electric water ioniser and filter as an enhanced chinese model which got further upgraded in USA. And today, they are supplying this Ultrastream model around the world. They sell fill2pure bottles and jugs, shower filters, hydrogen waters, water pH test kits, organic coconut oil, and, etc.

The Requirement :-

Due to globalisation, environment pollution is an issue all over the world today.Water purification system and human water consumption has to meet the standards. Further the product should be handy for the customers. Though their products met the requirement, they were selling their single products offline. In due course, they became the Australian, New Zealand distributors and were destined to promote the product digitally to reach various places and the people. The client was looking to have global foot prints and to sell their products globally and for that they were looking for an online platform to show case their products to entire world and provide them a eco-friendly water purifier system and to generate more sales.

The Challenges :-

They were in need of a digital platform to make themselves available for variant clients across the globe. They wanted to create an impression of their products among the public. The customers must be able to choose their products, enter their shipping address, make a secure payment, receive acknowledgement for order placing, able to track their order, able to have option for order reversal, replacement, and instant reply for queries. In a nutshell, they wanted publicity to increase sales and reliability to gain customers’ trust. The challenge was not just to create a brand as well, as they were going global.

Solution Offered :-

As their products are minimal, we decided to create a WordPress website with SEO services and a shopping cart. By keeping in mind all their requirements, we incorporated all e-commerce site feature/functionality with a sense to achieve brand identity.

The Benefits :-

  • The market research became easy for them.
  • They were able to analyse the requirement.
  • Through social media, creating repetitive impression for the customers and creating their own market in the society became easier than expected.
  • The clients were able to shop easily and securely
  • The firm was able to retrieve data of daily or monthly sales, outstanding customers who buy in many numbers, manage orders, and, etc.
  • They availed a professional store front.
  • Improved load performance for catalogs.
  • Summary table for simple queries led to faster results.

The outcome :-

  • They acquired a snappy website.
  • The website allowed them to sell online from their retail location.
  • Sales was increased multifold times.
  • They received outstanding customers.
  • They were able to provide installation, repair, or any other maintenance related services on time.