The Client :-

Moana Robinson is a popular Colour and Image Consultant, Stylist and qualified Beauty Therapist in Brisbane, Australia. She is an expert consultant and assists ladies with discovering their real nature, look, feel and be their best.

The Requirement :-

The client is into leading beauty enhancement and anti-aging products. Looking beautiful boosts the confidence of a person and in turn it makes the person more beautiful. And, Moana loves networking to develop quality relationships and expand her services. Quite obviously, a website will fulfill her vision. Moana preferred to reach almost all the young ladies at global level and boost up their confidence level and live to expectation.

The Challenges :-

There is a stiff competition in the market especially in the beauty industry. The international brands are encroaching the markets by flooding the markets with variety of products and eye catching advertisement. Besides the e-tailers are attracting the customers both in B2B and B2C segments.

Solution Offered :-

In order to compete with the current market requirements the company formed a Digital strategy and started with a responsive WordPress website. The company started to implement customer centric requirement based website. They also did SEO and SEM apart from placing their company information in many on & off directories for search engine crawling. This entire process took about 90 days. We created the website by keeping in mind the young women, their necessities, their searchability, and Moana’s reciprocative responses in all terms. We made it simple and direct to facilitate easy and fast navigation.

The Benefits :-

The website acts as a means to enjoy global opportunity to meet their personal stylist, avail services for colors, style in a more perfect way that blends with the personality and life style. Further, the organisation started collecting data from their website hits and did a Analysis which reflected about raise in revenue and also the regained the lost customers confidence.

The outcome :-

  • There was at least 200% increase in the sale which resulted in higher profits for the organisation.
  • The company again invested in festival discounts which also improve the gravity of the product.
  • Overall, the organisation had a major impact in this process.