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5 Best Extensions Used By Magento Development Company for an Online Store

Rich in its content and features, Magento today is the best choice for ecommerce development by Magento development company and entrepreneurs. The platform has multiple in-built functionalities which aids in creating a fully functional online store. Extensions are nothing but scripts written beforehand which can come in the customisation of the website in very easy steps.

5 Best Magento Extensions Used By Developers for Online Stores: –

  • File System – Magento store development India by using this particular extension system can edit files from the admin panel itself. Thus it saves you time and effort to open up the FTP client for such modification works.
  • Comments in Facebook – Facebook being the topmost social media networking system is used by every online store for promotions. Magento based extensions like the Facebook Connect Social Shopping can be used to encourage social media shopping keeping it in sync with the online store.
  • Guest Book – Many online stores has a special guest page in them where user’ s feedback and queries are addressed. Also called as Guest Book Extension, this extension is used in Magento based online sites and aids in retaining visitors.
  • Reviews of recent viewers – Positive reviews are the basis of ongoing transactions in any ecommerce stores. Magento ecommerce development company India makes use of the Recent Reviews Extension which showcases the latest reviews given by viewers on the top of the page.
  • Rating – The Rate the Score Magento extension helps businessmen know what the viewers take on their products is. Every opinion and feedback matters in an ecommerce development company.

The requirements of an ecommerce based store are never ending. So, does the huge resources of extensions by Magento which helps in making the store stronger and stable.

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