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Industries That Are Experiencing The Amazing Impact Of AR

6 Industries That Are Experiencing The Amazing Impact Of AR

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Augmented Reality is truly a disruptive technology as it is changing the way the human race interacts with the world around. It bridges the gap between the physical and the virtual by creating an interface that combines virtual objects with the real world. For instance, this futuristic technology superimposes images and sounds on things that the user actually sees and hears. Augmented Reality is delivered to users via advanced devices such as Google Glass. The role of a mobile application for bringing AR into real life is a crucial one too as it is needed to run the AR-enabled device. The seemingly innovative technology has its roots well in the past when the first ones were created years ago for improving workforce performance. The technology has come a long way, with these applications making it big across various industry verticals:

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(1) Healthcare
AR has disrupted the healthcare industry, with advanced applications helping surgeons in performing complex surgeries with greater expertise. The app, along with Google Glass, enables the surgeon to access instructions from another senior surgeon at a remote location. Another amazing app helps the medical staff to identify veins for IV insertion even if they are visually hard to detect.

(2) Education
Another industry that is experiencing the positive impact of Augmented Reality is education as AR-based apps are making learning more interactive and engaging. These applications are used for training through simulation so that students are able to get a better understanding of concepts, with immersive, life-like sessions.

(3) Manufacturing Industry
AR has been a part of the manufacturing industry since long as the technology has proved its efficacy in many ways. From simulative training of the workers to maintaining industrial machinery, locating objects, sorting packages, and organizing assembly lines, the high-tech AR-based applications have added a new dimension to the manufacturing process.

(4) Travel And Tourism
Augmented Reality has made it big in travel and tourism industry too as it is available in the form of specialized high-tech apps. All that a smartphone user has to do is to point it at a particular location and a huge wealth of information about the location will be generated. There are applications that translate foreign text into the user’s native language when the mobile is aimed at such a sign.

(5) Navigation
AR has changed the way people navigate, making it safer and more convenient than ever before. Navigation apps integrate this technology to enhance the GPS systems for eliminating the chances of road accidents. AR-assisted drivers are able to detect and react to potential hazards as navigation is superimposed on their field of view.

(6) Fashion
Fashion is another segment that has been proliferated by this cutting-edge technology which has merged online retail with in-store experiences. With fashion apps being AR-integrated, shoppers have the opportunity to avail virtual fits and shop more confidently. The virtual try room feature not only boosts the conversion rates for ecommerce applications but also reduces the return rates.

As we see the real-life significance of Augmented Reality, it can be well-understood that the technology goes way beyond catching Pokémon. Whether it is healthcare, fashion, manufacturing or education, it is poised to bring in a new era. Therefore, investing in augmented reality application development is the next big trend in the making. Developing these high-tech apps is a complex job that should be entrusted only to experts.

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