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Android O : Latest Version is All Set to Entice the Developers and Users

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Google released the new developer version of the next Android OS, ‘Android O’ on 21nd March 2017, and the full release will be somewhere in this year only. It has brought certain changes in the existing features and added new ones too.

Let us have a glimpse of the most exciting features of the Android O.

Battery Life:

  • The battery life has been extended to an appreciable level. When multiple apps are open, it limits and manages the apps running in the background. The implicit broadcasts, background services, and the location updates have got automated and limited.
  • The Android app developers are benefited by this feature as it is easy to build the apps independent of battery life.
  • It is beneficial for the user too. For instance, if the user is busy with facebook app and has the Google maps opened at the background, the frequency of update by the location services is lessened and thus saves the battery from draining off at a faster rate.
  • Notification Channels:

  • The users are able to group the same type of channels and manage the display note per channel.
  • If the user has downloaded several news channel apps, he may interact and manage the notification settings of all these apps at a single hit.
  • Moreover, the notifications could be snoozed by sliding the finger against a notification and select the time gap for snoozing like 15, or 30 minutes.
  • PiP Display Support:

  • The Android TV has the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Display Support as of today, and Google is extending the support to Android phones too.
  • The user is able to continue the playing of a video and simultaneously interact with an another app.
  • For instance, the user would be able to watch his favorite movie and also check the prevailing weather condition at one go.
  • Adaptive Icons:

  • Android supports the icons across the system. The outside border could be animated.
  • The icons are supported in the device settings, sharing dialogs, app overview screens, shortcuts, and the launcher. It facilitates the user to customize the lock screen with shortcuts.
  • Autofill APIs:

  • The password manager app could be used in an easy and secure way via Autofill.
  • The user is able to select the password manager app of his choice just like choosing a keyboard.
  • The Android developer experts may also create an app which would act as a global storage for autofill data.
  • Wide-gamut color:

  • It’s a futuristic feature, wherein the apps would imbibe the advantage of all the colors and its subtleties as and when the display gets enhanced with newer phones.
  • The developers are able to leverage the displays while creating applications for Android O on the devices. They also have control over the fonts and style.
  • Connectivity:

  • It has brought certain changes regarding the way device communicate with the other ones.
  • The user may hear his favorite songs in a more better way via Bluetooth connections.
  • The devices with supported hardware would communicate each other using Wi-Fi even without a central access point.
  • The new APIs support the apps to display the calling information and is managed by Bluetooth. Therefore, there is no need of using the universal system phone app.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Android laptops or the Chromebooks could be anticipated in near future. The features of an app could be used through the keyboard and the mouse.
  • The focus to build a better arrow model and tab key navigation may make things easier for the developers and the users as well.
  • Enhanced Webview:

  • The multiprocess mode for Webview components is inherited from Nougat by default.
  • The addition of an API help the developers to handle the errors and crashes easily.
  • The developers may enable the Google Safe Browsing of remote URLs for the benefit of the users providing more stability and security.
  • Needless to say, Android O supports Java 8 APIs and runtime optimizations for better performance and stability.

    To wrap up, it is still in its ‘early build’ stage. The upcoming beta program may reveal certain more things. And, the most exciting news is to hear about the dessert/sweet treat name Google would have for the ‘O’ series.

    If you are interested to know more about the features, get in touch with the developers by visiting the website.

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