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The Changing Commerce Ways from Traditional to Traditional via Technology

The Changing Commerce Ways from Traditional to Traditional via Technology

Hope, we all remember the Indian milkman. The date backs to 1950s and 60s where the delivery of milk, groceries, household staples, ready cooked meals to a home was a routine in India, North America, and Europe. It is common till date but in remote areas. However, we may witness the resurgence of the home-delivery model where today’s consumers use a phone to order, visit the retailer’s e-commerce website, or opt for an e-commerce app download. Simply saying, it is just the return of milkman and the difference is he has gone digital today.

The online retailers are compelled today to introduce new e-commerce models for the tech-savvy and time-crunched consumers in order to behold their interest in the products they are dealing with, prompt purchase and thus earn an increased ROI. If we analyze the statistics, it is quite evident that the millennials and the Generation ‘Z’ likes to follow these online modes of shopping :

  • Order online for delivery at home
  • Use Online automatic subscription
  • Use virtual supermarket
  • Order online and pick up from the instore

It is essential for the retailers to understand what the consumers buy both online and offline, and the data would facilitate them to prioritize the digital initiatives.

Let us have a look at the digital strategies the online retailer must think of to create a space for himself in the realm of the digital world.

E-commerce website development : The first and foremost necessity is nothing but developing a website in order to showcase products and the services offered. The integration of shopping cart generates a complete and secure shopping experience for the customers online.

E-commerce App Development : The functionality and ease of use should be the priority while designing the app. It must be simple and secure so that the customers are able to shop while on go with required comfort and convenience.

Technology based in-store: The time-crunched shoppers wants everything easy, convenient and efficient. The iBeacon apps development for attracting the consumers with personalized messages using NFC technology would be a good choice to behold the visitors instore. A hand-held scanner and self check-out process avoid crowd in a successful manner.

Augmented Reality[AR] and Virtual Reality[VR] Technology: Consumer demand and the market conditions are pushing the retailers to align their shop for VR and AR. The technology is able to provide the users with an in-store shopping experience from their comfortable home and help to make purchasing decisions.

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Artificial Intelligence: The AI is meant to open a myriad of opportunities for e-commerce businesses. It is useful for handling the customer data, predict visitors and their behavior pattern, analyze purchase pattern, and make manipulations to drive sales.

In a nutshell, the e-commerce is becoming more closer to human behavior and needs which were the base for our traditional milkman too. The milkman knows his neighbor very well, understands his family needs and delivered goods accordingly. Today, the same thing is getting established in a more technical way.

If you are interested in modernizing your online shop with the traditional flavor of the Indian milkman, you may get in touch with our tech-savvy developers and business analyst team by visiting our website.

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