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Focus on Crafting Social Media Strategies for E-commerce Success

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Today, we find an intense focus on social media marketing. The reason is simple; it is where we could find our customers. Man is a social being and his social networking nature is not a newly acquired or learned behavior. The social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and etc., are just the digital channels which are channelizing his behavior in a modern and technical way. When the customers are on social media to learn more about the products and services, it is relatively important for the e-commerce website owners to integrate their site with social media.

As of today, the millennial generation and the old generation are also on the Internet searching for their necessary products, services and activities. A statistics reveals that 55% of the buyers use social media sites while researching about the product; 97% are using social media as a part of their marketing campaign; 64% of the sales teams use social media to attain sales quota; 61% of B2B e-commerce website owners use it to create leads. Moreover, 31% of website traffic is driven by social media sites.

Let us explore the social media strategies that would help your business to gain interest of countless customers easily.

Target Audience: The fuller profile such as age, gender, location, income, and education groups helps to target the audience accurately. The Google Adwords and Alexa are helpful for this kind of research.

Buyer persona: It is a fictionalized persona which helps you to humanize the customers and develop an understanding. There are sites like makemypersona which figures out to target the audience in a better way.

Research: It is crucial to spend time on researching about the influencers in the industry. Find the ones, who are involved in sharing content, find your offerings relevant and work on to build a relationship over the social media. BuzzSumo would help you in the task of tracking the influencers.

Identify the social media platform used: It is recommended to track the platforms that have highest number of shares, survey the existing customers and work more on the selected social media platform to increase the interest and involvement of the customers.

Competitors preferred social platform: You are able to pull out the strategy when it is not working or working on a particular platform by analyzing your competitors engagement. It guides you to easily choose the social platform for increased engagement.

Meet buyers pain point with content: The potential customers post their questions and concern about a product and spend time on researching about it to get an insight. By tracking them and providing answers for it in the form of relevant content helps you build trust among the customers.

Content Bank: Developing videos, tutorials, blog posts, whitepapers, infographics, and images that are relevant and valuable for the audience is important to maintain a strong relation with the customers.

Avail more social followers: Build a social media followers by retweeting, favoriting, posting relevant ads, sharing, and engaging with your audience. It is an investment that takes time but will pay off when done properly.

Automate sharing: Automate your social media activity by using a tool like hootsuite. It is an amazing time saver and saves you with the hassle of posting independently. It helps you to schedule the posts in advance.

Build relationships: It is advised to have a two-way genuine relationship by asking for feedback, show interest in their activity, solve their problems, and so forth.

Consistent publishing cycle: It is not necessary to write all the content by yourselves. Posting regularly is important. The content of relevant industry expert could be extracted and posted as long as the source is credited. Sharing is a great way to build important relationship.

Evaluation: It is necessary to tweak the strategy if not working at an appreciable pace. It is crucial to analyze the social media marketing results, figure out the lagging structure, and tweak it.

A social media strategy is dynamic and it has to be considered as work in progress.

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