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  • Android-vs-iOS

    How Android And iOS Have Learnt From Each Other Over The Years

    It was a breakthrough in technology when the iPhone first launched in 2007. Mobile phones turned into personal, easy-to-carry… Read More
  • Enterprise-Mobility-Solutions

    Best Practices That Businesses Embracing Enterprise Mobility Should Follow

    Over the years, the meaning of mobility for businesses has changed phenomenally. Initially, mobile apps were consumer-oriented,… Read More
  • Mobile-Technology-transforming-business

    How Mobile Technology Is Opening New Opportunities For Businesses

    The advent of mobile technology is perhaps the biggest and most positive thing that has happened for businesses in recent… Read More
  • blockchain technology

    How Blockchain Spells New Opportunities For Mobility And Commerce

    The human existence is based on mutual trust, particularly when it comes to financial transactions, as there is the involvement… Read More
  • CIO choice award

    Orange Mantra Walks through the CIO Red Carpet Night, 2017

    The fervor and celebration air of New Year continues at Orange Mantra as We have been awarded with the CIO CHOICE 2017 Honor… Read More
  • social-media-strategies

    Focus on Crafting Social Media Strategies for E-commerce Success

    Today, we find an intense focus on social media marketing. The reason is simple; it is where we could find our customers.… Read More
  • Strategic Technologies of 2017

    A Peek Into the Strategic Technologies of 2017

    Businesses are becoming hi-tech by quickly embracing the new technologies. The innovations are ruling out the old app… Read More
  • twitter new features

    Customer Services Made Easy with Twitter’s New Features

    Organisations grow when contact develops. The accomplishment of any business is specifically relative to its reachability… Read More