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Top Ways to Make ecommerce Website SEO Friendly

ecommerce seo

Time to think big, extra and dynamic for ecommerce website owners, especially who are looking to increase their online presence, hungry for traffic and sales. Running a successful ecommerce store is not easy in this competitive market. Ecommerce business owners need to spend their precious time on research and get new ideas for marketing, think exceptionally and dynamically to increase their ecommerce sales.

Here is some consideration that makes your Ecommerce website SEO friendly:

1)SEO friendly URL’ s: It’ s very important to make your URL’ s SEO friendly i.e. keyword rich URLs. It directly impacts your SERP’ s and keyword’ s ranking.

ecommerce seo

In this picture you can see ebay.in has SEO friendly URL’ s. In the below picture, amazon.com does not. Make sure your ecommerce website has SEO friendly URL’ s.


2)Canonicalization: Canonical URL tag is used to avoid URL duplicity. Canonicalization is when same webpage content is loading on multiple URL’ s. This is what Google considers as duplicate web content.

Here is form of duplicity:


If two or more than two, similar above mentioned URL’ s contain same content then it indicates presence of duplicity on your website. It can be avoided by simply using redirects form .htaccess or place following tag on your website head section:

You can choose any above forms of URL’ s, simply replaced yellow section.

3) 301 Redirects: It’ s highly important for you to make your website 301 redirects. By changing and removing URL’ s, you can lose your website’ s traffic. Using 301 redirects we can easily redirect our customers to new pages. We can also say that permanent redirects from one page to another. Benefits of using 301 redirects are that we can escape from losing customers and link juice.

4) Google webmaster Tools: Google webmaster is a key to improve your website’ s health. These will help you to find out crawling, indexing, and malware errors on your website. We can get detailed summary of queries and it identifies our potential customer behavior as well.

Here’s an Example:


5) Brand Domain Name: After updating EMD algorithm by Google, it’ s important to choose your brand domain name instead of keywords based domain. It’ s easy to optimize at starting level but for long term process choose exact brand domain name, it will be helpful to find you by customers. You need to select a brand domain name, because your decision can affects your search rankings.

6) SiteMap.xml: Sitemap.xml plays very important role to indexing or crawling your website. It contains all pages of your website, give information to search engine about all web pages of your website.

Basically there are two types of site map:
HTML Sitemap
XML Sitemap

Sitemap.xml for search engines and sitemap.html for visitors, through sitemap.xml you can help search engine to crawl and index your web pages without any obstacles. Sitemap.html helps users to get information about your website web pages.

Here’s an Example:

sitemap xml

More than 10 important tips are remaining; we will further discuss those in our next post.