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Utilize the Simplicity of MEAN Stack Technology for your Next Project


MEAN stack is open source software used to build a real-time applications and professional websites. MEAN stack is an acronym which stands for Mongo DB (the database); Express (the web framework); Angular JS (the frontend framework) and the Node JS (the server platform). The Mongo DB offers a more flexible layer for storing the data, Express standardize the website building, Angular JS provides the way for addition of interactive functions and Node .js gives the better nexus for running the server. Thus, the combination of these leads to a better websites and applications. It is the evolving trend for the website and application development on JavaScript alone.

Some of the best reasons to choose MEAN stack technology for your next project are as follows:

The apps may be developed, tested and hosted in the cloud owing to the compelling layer of the database in Mongo DB.
Mongo DB offers a flexible document structure which is easy to add information to the user profiles.

The Mean Stack relies on Node.js to put all pipework in one place, one language, and one pile of logic, which leads to less confusion and less bugs.

The MEAN makes the code isomorphic. This flexibility leads to program me the MEAN-based apps in an easier way.

As the MEAN uses same JSON format data everywhere, it makes the task simpler and saves time.

Node.js offers better performance which saves even milliseconds for the better performance of the app.

The templating system and the logical layers of Angular JS are cleaner.

One more reason is you are never compelled to use the acronyms itself for the project. There is every reason to mix and match them as needed. One may use Mongo DB with Apache and PHP, MySQL with Node.js, Angular JS with any of the server.

Orange Mantra is a web design and development company in India with new developers who excel in MEAN stack technology. It possess trained and expert developers who are skilled in every component – Mongo DB, Express, Angular JS and Node.js.