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The Client:

Our client is a prestigious veterinary Doctor in Delhi. His years of involvement in the veterinary field, love for animals, and profession made him to research further and wished to extend his services at worldwide level.

The requirement:

The client encouraged to zest up his services with the most recent innovation, to be specific an application for the smartphones working on popular platforms like iPhone. They preferred to fill the gap between the veterinary doctor and the pets so as to provide ease of use for the pet owners and maintain medical history of the pets. The Doctor intended to study in detail regarding the ailment(s) through an audio or video snippet(s), owner’s words, so as to comprehend, monitor or prescribe medication.

The Challenges:

As the pet owner is unable to bring the pet to his physical clinic, the specialist will be unable to imagine the real enduring confronted by the pet. We faced a great challenge to maximise the info about the pets through the app by not making it as an data entry app.

Our solution:

We proposed and offered him with an awesome app with following facilities in such a way that the pet owners:

  • Are able to message the doctor regarding the pet’s ailment.
  • Are able to message the doctor regarding the pet’s ailment.
  • Record pet’s audio for easy diagnosis.
  • Record video of the pet for required suggestions.
  • Keep a record of case history.
  • Research centeric UI/UX for the app
  • User can communicate with veterian by a click
  • Vetreien can receive all required info about pet to suggest treatment
  • Real time cumminication between pet owner and veterien And many more


The apps was beneficial for both the Doctor and the pet’s owner. The Doctor was able to attend to variety of ailments from different parts of the globe, and thus get more exposed for extensive research. Further, is able to get assessed by several users, in turn enhancing his profit and global identity.

The users are able to send textual, audio or video clips of their pets seeking medical advice. And thus the users will receive the best kind of treatment and solutions for infrequent type of ailments, mild and comfortable treatment for their pets without the need to stand in the long queue, or face inconvenience in taking their pets to the respective clinics amidst the huge traffic.

The outcome:

The client was very much delighted with our service for we managed to provide him with an app possessing all the expected features, and within the stipulated timeframe and budget. The client is enjoying the mobile technology to the maximum to expand his profession and research.