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Creating a Digital Marketing App for Hero Motorcycle Dealers

Project Highlights

Our client, is a leading Talent management and acquisition firm, offering services to startups & established brands. They used to have a paper-based recruitment process, with different forms for distinct set of roles. This results into large volume of forms, lost forms, poor communication between departments, and communication lag with candidates. In addition, they wanted to further diversify and optimize their core business processes with automation. They partnered with OrangeMantra to build an AI-powered application for recruitment process.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

Manual recruitment process results into lost customer base, income, errors, and system failure. Having too many components to organize without automated processes results into additional operational cost. At last, they aim to overcome the challenges facing talent acquisition by enhancing operations, saving time, reducing costs, and improving brand trust. For the past decade, the client is known to offer simple, easy to use solutions that have resulted into overwhelming customer satisfaction. But with technology advancement, HR automation is a necessity.

Technology Solution

Our team was commissioned to build an AI application for HR operation. Consistently ranked as a top HR firm, our client needed a platform to switch to automation. As AI in the HR have become instrumental in acquiring talents, addressing errors, and eliminating human work, our client wanted to implement this technology on urgent basis.

Considering the strict deadlines, they were looking to work with a professional partner with successful experience developing AI solutions. They also needed someone who quickly grasp all the specifics of their product. Our deep expertise in HR automation solutions and, in particular, in implementing AI algorithms played a decisive role in our collaboration. They chose OrangeMantra to take on this challenge, and after discussing the requirements, the project started as quickly as the client had hoped.

Value Delivered

Introducing AI-driven HR automation has a tangible impact on businesses that place a high priority on customer satisfaction. OrangeMantra implemented an innovative solution that works globally and is a powerful tool for talent acquisition. It allows our client to speed up training of candidates and eliminate manual hiring work. In turn, it has led to an increase in customer loyalty and brand exposure. The solution we’ve developed allows our end client to reduce operational and service expenses. In addition, increase engagement with customers and touchpoints.

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