diva NY collection

The Client :-

Diva NY is the popular online store for stylish and fashion forward young ladies. It is the main retailer with different branches in New York. It has a gathering of up-to-the moment design wears for young, trendy, older and sophisticated women.

The Requirement :-

Make the fashion reach every women in the planet. They urged to create an online reputation and increase sales in a financially savvy manner.

The Challenges :-

Develop an user-friendly application for the existing website. The administrative section must be able to handle the inventory details easily for they keep adding new arrivals within a short span of time. Likewise, gets sold in a short time, and henceforth they must be able to deactivate the images of the sold out items instantly and prevent its addition to the shopping cart by the future shoppers, and so on.

The customers must be able to view the products of the new arrivals which is pixel perfect and fits in the screen size of their handheld devices. They must be able to shop with all the required secure features for mobile money transactions.

Our Solution :-

Connecting with the customers is one of the most important step in online sales, and mobile is the perfect means for it. We preferred an e-commerce apps for the store to get connected with the people. Data addition, retrieval was made easy and instant in an efficient way. Mobile point-of-sale offer multiple ways to enrich customer engagement, which inturn leads to increased sales and improved conversion rates. And this is true to words for the Diva’s NewYork.

Benefits :-

  • Leverage the native features of mobile devices, such as location-based services, camera, bar code scanner, Push notifications, and QR code scanner for business.
  • Access to the mobile shopping with minimal data entry.
  • Segmentation with a global consumer base, as there are more devices operating on different platforms.
  • Promote business as it is more engaging and interactive.
  • Additional revenue for downloading their premium apps.

The outcome :-

The client is delighted by our services, and now they are able to acquire customers from far-off places, thus increasing the popularity of their fashion. They are leading a business with higher margin, more control, flexibility with less expenditure of time and money. The display of the items facilitate the shopper’s to make a prudent choice of their items through checking all the shop clothes, sizes, types, features, prices, read out the reviews, know about offers, and etc., with easy checkout. The apps feature invariably simulates the real physical store experience for the user.

Diva NY Collection