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Deliver entertainment services where the audiences are, embrace home entertainment solutions

Home entertainment services are popular than ever. As the revenue of entertainment giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime soar, the scopes for tech-based entertainment are expanding. Even traditional media & entertainment companies like The Walt Disney are embracing streaming and related services with open arms.

We’re enthusiastic about this tech-driven transformation of the entertainment industry. Having worked with some entertainment industry leaders, we know how to deliver solutions that audiences love.

Home Entertainment Solutions

Key Advantages of Home Entertainment Solutions

Audience Engagement

With the right features and content, you can captivate users’ attention through home entertainment solutions. Entertainment companies need to keep their loyal patrons engaged amid intensifying competition. Home entertainment applications enable you to stay close to your customers even when they’re home.

Seamless Content Distribution

Custom home entertainment solutions allow you to distribute and manage content according to the audience’s interests. By delivering interest-based entertainment services you can beat competitors and stay ahead in the race. We build solutions that are exceptionally flexible and scalable so that your growth never pauses.

Omni-channel Entertainment

Reach out to your customers wherever on whatever channel they prefer to get entertainment. Mobile applications, web app, or smart TV deliver your entertainment services across all channels. Our cross-platform digital expertise helps you to offer home entertainment services in the most engaging way possible.

Expand Your Playground

With the right home entertainment solutions in place, you can venture into new areas in the industry. Music streaming, online gaming, or AR/VR-based entertainment expand into the domains that bring new business opportunities. We empower you with software technology to experiment and succeed in business areas.

Avoid Disruptions

Unexpected disruptions may shatter traditional entertainment services. With home entertainment solutions, you can make your businesses virtually disruption-proof. Tech-based entertainment enables you to operate even amid market disruptions and unfavorable conditions.

Our Home Entertainment Offerings

Why Choose OrangeMantra as Your Entertainment Solutions Partner

With a diverse experience of working with leading entertainment companies, we’re the right partner for your home entertainment venture.

Domain Expertise

We’ve been developing robust and secure software solutions for over two decades now. The extent and diversity of our experience make us a trusted tech solutions vendor among a global clientele.

Industry Knowledge

We work with leading entertainment companies that operate movie theaters across major cities in India. Our development collaborations also include big media companies.

Cutting-edge Technology

We use the most advanced software and internet technologies to build, test, and deploy home entertainment solutions. Whether you are in streaming, music, or gaming business, we have suitable technology for you.

Global Quality Standards

All our solutions development process strictly adheres to international software development best practices. We make quality a priority for every single solution we deliver.

Client-focused Communication

Communication plays a crucial role in the development of feature-rich home entertainment solutions. We make sure every requirement, query, and concern of the client is addressed with equal sincerity.

Prompt Customer Support

Our relationship with the client doesn’t end after a solution is delivered; we embark a phase of the relationship. A dedicated customer support team ensures that your calls, emails, and queries are responded swiftly.

Need home entertainment solutions to operate amid disruptions?

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