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The Client :-

The client deals with the dog’s natural supplement with scientifically research based ingredients like Osteo-pet, Benecoat, to its customers. Osteopet is a joint supplement available in tablets, liquid or soft chew form that supports the dog’s joints in a natural way. Benecoat is a professional hair and skin formula with fish oil that promotes healthy skin and coat, balanced immune system against parasites and infections.

The Requirement :-

Many people have pets. It provides physical and emotional benefits for its owners. It has become a human companion for many solitary individuals. Inspite of its benefits as a companionship for human, many people are not aware of what to and what not to provide their pets for its well-being. They wanted to create awareness among the public regarding their products, its benefits, increase sales, and cater services beyond the geographical limits.

The Challenges :-

It is absolutely necessary to care for the pet’s health, as it is a win-win situation for both the pets and the owner. Further, the business had many retailers spread over across the globe. They wanted to create global recognition and boost sales. They wanted to maintain the sales requirement with their clients. They wanted to reach their far-off customers, doctors, NGO’s representatives through product display and services, explain the ingredients, its quality description in a more explanatory way and create awareness for the clients.

Our Solution :-

We created a WordPress website and integrated social media like Twitter, FaceBook, Pintere, and Google plus. Further, one can sign up for newsletter and get the latest news regarding the new products, new science, new sweepstakers, new coupons, and, etc. We facilitated the pet owners to locate the website easily, gain awareness about the products, and buy the products.

The Benefits :-

The product reached people in a geometrical ratio as they were connected with social media. This created general awareness and sensitivity among the pet owners in a short compass of time. As the website is responsive also, it became more advantageous in reaching the people by utilising the technology benefits.

The outcome :-

  • Many people opted for Osteopet and Benecoat for their pets.
  • The pets must be healthy as they interact with children more often, the children health is also taken care.
  • The retailers were able to have a peaceful and reliable B2B transactions.
  • Many people signed for newsletter subscription.
  • Many people availed coupons and enjoyed discount benefits.
  • The sales got remarkably increased.