rutherford international

The Client :-

Rutherford International, the business consultant experts in corporate & commercial real estate, airports & logistics, corporate security and business continuity is situated in Canada, and their services is spread over in North America, Europe and East Asia.

The Requirement :-

Carrying an expansive mission, our client was in search of a platform, to establish a trusted advisory relationship with international contacts in real estate, finance, investment, and, etc.; create business network, postings, research, services, and, so on. Owing to scattered business and different sectors, it was difficult to establish contact.

The Challenges :-

  • Identifying or locating the best available partners/executives was a difficult task.
  • The executives or team recruitment process took a long time.
  • Conduct Board level counsel on human resource management, corporate renewal was a hectic task.
  • Communication gap was there as they had international level candidates/contacts.
  • Further, they wanted to create a platform for all job seekers.
  • They wanted to renew, consolidate, and merge talents.
  • Conduct business and social network mapping.
  • Accessibility for local and global knowledge.
  • And, many more internal activities were taking a long course of time, and they deliberately wanted to maintain a steady record of all their activities in a more simple and accessible way.

Solution Offered :-

We simplified the task by clubbing all their ventures under a single roof with a WordPress website (Online Portal), where people can access and acquire easily as per their requirements like business, research, postings, and, etc. We explored and implemented all the features of WordPress to address their issues in a tangible way.

Beneficial Features :-

  • Industry professionals are brought under single knowledge network.
  • Seek advice or become an active adviser on human capital strategies.
  • Leverage the Internet to grow professional real estate network, seek joint venture
  • Refinement of management team or organizational infrastructure.
  • Active professionals in real estate, civil infrastructure, corporate services, and, etc., get connected, actively participate or seek opportunities through social media like linkedin.
  • And more.

The outcome :-

  • Large number of participations
  • Numerous industry professionals were brought under one roof.
  • Meetings online and offline are made easy
  • Mass communication problem has been solved
  • The feed back system created a positive response.
  • It lead to simple and quick searchability, accessibility.
  • It became easy to access across variou gadgets.
  • The business focus got increased.
  • It lead to collaborative approach for corporate and internal management.
Rutherford International