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Accelerated Mobile Pages for Immersive Website Experience

The idea of accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) was introduced by Google to create uninterrupted web experience on mobile devices. Dynamic web pages sometimes take a longer time to on mobile operating systems. In other instances, the content appears first then the images and other media files load.

AMPs efficiently solve all these problems and create an immersive experience for website visitors.

With the right AMP development in place, you can dramatically reduce the bounce rate on your website. AMPs also enable you to earn money from advertisers and other content-heavy pages. Faster loading and seamless navigations are also good for your website’s SEO. At OrangeMantra, develop the most advanced breed of AMPs. Every website is different for us. And we approach every project with an equal amount to meticulousness and commitment.

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Core Elements of AMP Development


The HTML element of accelerated mobile pages adds selective restrictions on the set of tags and functionality of web pages.

AMP JavaScript

This is a basic JavaScript framework that manages the website resources and the asynchronous handline process.

Ad & Analytics Manager

These are HTML codes that improve the overall appearance and likeability of ad banners and usability of analytics


The content delivery network of accelerated mobile pages enhances the overall performance of the website.

Why your website needs AMP development

Mobile Focus
Most customers visit your website from a mobile. If your website is slow on mobile operating systems, it substantially reduces engagement and conversion. AMP ensures faster website loading on mobile devices.
Cross-platform Compatibility
Accelerated mobile page development makes your web pages seamlessly compatible across all operating systems, like Android and iOS. It increases the overall performance and likeability of your website.
Optimized Data Consumption
Reduced load time and seamless navigation help visitors to lower data usage. The AMP enhances performance by restricting some analytics scripts and ad contents. These help in users’ data optimization.
SEO Friendly Websites
With AMPs in place, you don’t have to worry about SEO elements like speed and content customization. You can deploy bots to optimize content for iOS, Android, and other operating systems.

How Accelerated Mobile Pages Work

An array of different factors works in sync to make websites faster and better with AMPs.


Pre-connect API

Pre-connect API ensures that every HTTP request is processed swiftly. This significantly increases the website’s speed.


Inline stylesheets

Inline stylesheets efficiently remove multiple HTTP requests from a rendering path. It helps to reduce the load time of pages.


Smart resource loading

Web resources are loaded slowly when a user views them, and the document file is left idle.



AMPs optimize the website to make lighter and reliable prerender resources. The page is rendered before the user navigates through it.

AMP Development Services from OrangeMantra

Custom AMP Development

Custom AMP Development

Create a captivating experience for your customers and website visitors. We build accelerated mobile pages according to the individual needs of your business.

 AMP for eCommerce

AMP for eCommerce

Accelerated mobile page developed focused on driving online traffic and increasing eCommerce revenue. We enable better customer engagement with faster and smoother pages on online stores.

 AMP for WordPress

AMP for WordPress

AMP development for enhancing the performance of your WordPress website. A team of WordPress experts and AMP developers creates the best solution for you.

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Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are optimized HTML copies of existing webpage content that offer faster load times than standard HTML. Pages with AMP code offer a smoother and better user experience.
The costs of developing accelerated mobile pages (AMP) depend on several factors. Design complexity, development time, and the type of the website, etc. play an important role in calculating the costs. OrangeMantra offers flawless AMP development at a competitive price.
There’s no predefined time for developing accelerated mobile pages (AMP). It varies widely depending on the features of the app and its design. The best way to know an estimated time is to consult development experts. OrangeMantra builds efficient AMP in short development time.