Mean Stack Technology

MEAN stack: The Next Generation Technology for Your Websites, Web & Mobile Applications

We, at Orange Mantra offer MEAN Development Services to create adaptable, versatile web and mobile apps which use JavaScript, on both the client and server side. Our MEAN Stack developers are experts in developing several website types like media websites, data-intensive, real-time messaging applications, and, etc. Further, we recommend the business owners to use this technology in order to modernize their existing websites.

Our MEAN stack development services comprises the dynamic JavaScript based technologies- MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node JS. It is the evloving trend for the full stack JavaScript Development.

  • server

    MongoDB for Storage:

    Mongo DB is powerful, robust, fast and reliable which supports JSON natively. It is easy to scale-up mobile infrastructure and store data in JSON documents.

  • angular

    ExpressJS for Web programming:

    Express JS is simple, flexible, scalable, and minimalistic which is helpful in creating web interfaces and multi-page hybrid web apps. It is a Node JS application framework meant for web applications.

  • angularjs

    AngularJS for Front-end Development:

    Angular JS, developed by Google and the popular JavaScript framework enables front-end development. It extends the HTML vocabulary and works with the other libraries also.

  • nodejs

    NodeJS for Web Server:

    Node JS is an event-driven I/O model which increases the development efficiency and built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. The application includes the web server and thus save a considerable development time.

Our MEAN Development Services:

  • arowWeb Services and API Development
  • aroweCommerce Development
  • arowAndroid Application Development for Enterprise
  • arowPersonalized Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • arowCMS Development
  • arowERP Development
  • arowPersonalized Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • arowMigration and Porting using MEAN stack
  • arowMaintenance & Support
  • arowMEAN Stack Web Development
  • arowResponsive Web App Development

Advantages of Availing MEAN stack Development Services at Orange Mantra

  • chckModernise your website with dynamic features
  • chckTransform your website into a more productive one
  • chckShowcase your business with rich apps
  • chckQuality web applications with JavaScript
  • chckEnd to end solutions for businesses
  • chckHigh-quality and cost-effective deliverables
  • chckScalable and customized solutions as per the needs
  • chckAgile and reliable software development methodology
  • chckManage mobile apps performance efficiently
  • chckApplication enhancement, support and maintenance

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